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Billy's E3 predictions

posted 1 Jun 2009, 12:51 by Billy White   [ updated 1 Jun 2009, 14:06 ]
With little under twenty hours left until Nintendo's biggest show of 2009 (or at least, what we all hope is their biggest show), I figured that there's no better time to post my predictions for the events at the last time I could possibly squeeze the time into my schedule. But no, that's not the real reason (ahem), the real reason is because I've had a selection of ideas ready for a while now, but I've never been so sure of what E3 might actually bring. After much thought, I have decided to share with you all the things that I think are most likely to happen at this years event.

    First of all, it's pretty obvious that Nintendo will unveil something to do with Mario or Zelda. The teams that work on both those games have been busy for ages now, and although the Mario guys have likely been working on Pikmin 3 a whole lot (oh - and expect more news on that, as well as some footage, which is all pretty likely considering all the recent advertising for the New Play Control! versions of the game). Even if we do get a look at Zelda and the Phantom Choo Choo - I mean, Spirit Tracks on the DS, that probably won't be the last we hear about these main franchises.

    Nintendo are also likely to bring back some more of their old franchises, such as
F-Zero, and maybe a new "proper" Kirby game, especially since both these games have featured on the last few Nintendo home consoles, so they're bound to end up on the Wii at some point. Kid Icarus would definitely be loved by Nintendo fans, although whether it will make a mention or not is unknown, although Nintendo have said absolutely nothing about a Wii revival of this in the past (as far as I'm aware), and since the game hasn't been seen since the NES (and, admittedly Super Smash Bros Brawl), this is more likely than the first two.

    Hopefully though, the revivals won't stop there. If we could have more details on Sin & Punishment 2, last mentioned in October last year, then that would be fantastic, and the possibilities of western versions of Mario & Luigi 3, Moving Memo Notepad, WarioWare Myself (Made In Ore) and Rittai Picross are pretty good. Details on the Pokemon update coming to Japan might appear as well, although the chances are a bit more slim.

    The successor to
Wii Fit will likely be detailed and play-tested as well, even if it doesn't use the balance board in the same way as the original. If not, Nintendo will likely have new uses for the balance board with some of their other new titles, as it is being used more and more in games these days. At the most widely reported gaming event in the press though, they would be foolish NOT to announce something for casual gamers, and we all know that Nintendo doesn't like being foolish.

    Wii Sports Resort will likely be shown off in it's entirety as well (or at least, all the games available from the opening screen will be shown - you never know, there may be spoilers and unlockables!). This will no doubt take up a good bit of the show, like both itself and Wii Music did at last years show. As well as this, Nintendo will also no doubt spending a long time bragging about how good the Motion Plus is, and how well it will be used.

    That's not to say that it'll just be Nintendo taking over the stage all the time though, since High Voltage Software's The Conduit will be shown off at some point, alongside their other two core games due next year, and a mention of Red Steel 2 and some of the sports related Wii Motion Plus games will likely make their way into the presentation. In between all this, Sega's next Mario and Sonic crossover is also likely to be shown off as well, since there hasn't been much showing-off of the game since it's official announcement.

    Whether or not this will be shown off in the presentation is another question entirely, but Nibris are likely to show off
Sadness (finally), due to their conspicuous announcement consisting of the words "E3 2009" on their YouTube channel recently, and fans are also hoping to hear more from Nintendo on the DSiWare front, hopefully announcing or mentioning the much-rumoured Virtual Console service for the handheld, and maybe even some new downloadable games or applications other than the Art Style and "A Little Bit of..." series. Some WiiWare announcements would also be nice, since Rock and Roll Climber seems to be their only big WiiWare game coming out soon, and even that doesn't look too impressive. As we all know though, they do like to be quiet when it comes to their downloadable games, so we'll see.

    Anyways, there's not long to go now, although there is JUST enough time to prepare for all the fun playtests, disastrous Cammie Dunaway related moments, big-ass-Reggie moments, mathematical graph analysis and spectacular Miyamoto appearances (come on, you can't NOT have liked his entrance at last years show!). Now all we have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Or at least, that's all you guys have to do. Me and KnucklesSonic8 will be wasting all our energy away as we post every intricate detail from the show constantly from 5pm BST / 12 noon EST / 9am PST on Tuesday the 2nd of June. Even if you don't keep refreshing the page from that time, you know where to send your friends if they missed any of the show! Yes, that's right, here. You are a clever little chap aren't you?