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KS8's E3 Predictions! (2009)

posted 22 May 2009, 13:36 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 14 Jun 2010, 06:16 ]
This year, E3 is shaping up to be quite ambitious! After last year's disappointments with regards to Nintendo's strong gear towards the "casual" audience with the likes of Animal Crossing and Wii Music, there's ample reason to suggest that Nintendo will be focusing on the "core" masses this time around and that can only be good news! 
    Even Nintendo realized that their support towards E3 last year was quite lacking and they were even disappointed in themselves. With that in mind, there's lots to look forward to. Since E3 2008, so many fans have expressed their views on not only Nintendo's E3 appearance but also thoughts on Nintendo as a whole -- accusing them of focusing so much on the new audiences that they're ignoring their longtime fans (or at least, not supporting them as well as they should be.
    Lots of rumors, insider information and announcement have surfaced since that point from January 2009 onwards (and even a few before that point). All things considered, there's a lot to look forward to this year which is why I decided to compile a big list of predictions for this coming year. These predictions will not only see fulfillment during E3 but some may surface shortly afterwards sometime this year.
    Some of the predictions you're about to read are based on facts and solid information, some are based on deeply-rooted fan hopes, and others are predictions of more "secretive" nature! All in all, you're getting a big mix! With only 9 days left till E3, I'm pleased to finally present to you my giant list of predictions!

- A new retro-style WiiWare game in the vein of Mega Man 9 will be teased most likely from a third-party dev.
- A sequel for a WiiWare game will be touched on. Could be the sequel to LostWinds or even Toki Tori.
- A new Balance Board title will be revealed by Nintendo, EA or Activision. Another title could be revealed that will mark itself as being the first game to feature multiplayer for 2 Balance Boards but that my be a bit of stretch until Nintendo announces that the Balance Board will be sold separately.
- A new game will be announced for Wii/WiiWare that will take advantage of the Wi-Fi service extensively.
- A brand new IP will be revealed for the Music/Rhythm game genre.
- A DSi-exclusive title will be shown off.
- A new title will be shown that will take Wii Motion Plus and incorporate it extensively.
- A third-party publisher will pick up a cancelled game or a game currently in limbo.

- Nintendo will announce a release date for NPC! Pikmin 2 and NPC! Chibi-Robo.
- Trace Memory 2 will be confirmed for NA release. 
- New details surrounding Cosmic Walker will be revealed.
- Details on Metroid Prime: Trilogy will be touched on. Nintendo will claim it as a game for the "core" masses.
- Nintendo will tease new Mario game for Wii. They could potentailly also mention that Zelda is still in the works and they are not ready to reveal it just yet.
- Nintendo will reveal a new entry in the F-Zero and/or Starfox franchises.
- Nintendo will announce a release date and the final name for Made in Ore's NA release.
- Nintendo will talk about the localization of a first-party title for North America. Could even be talk about finally bringing Wii Chess over to WiiWare.
- Nintendo will talk about Disaster: DoC at some point. May or may not touch on plans for localization.
- Nintendo may touch on a new entry in the Paper Mario franchise.
- Nintendo will reveal one or more new Club Nintendo rewards (Golden Wheel, perhaps?) possibly touching on the upcoming Gold and Platinum awards.
- Mario Party 9 will be announced. 
- Nintendo could possibly provide details on Line Attack Heroes.
- Nintendo will reveal details on Pikmin 3, announce plans for a holiday release.
- A new flight simulation game will be shown by Nintendo for Wii/WiiWare that may or may not take advantage of Wii Motion Plus.
- Nintendo will show off Endless Ocean 2.
- Nintendo will reveal plans of bringing Japan's Ambassador Campaign over to North America/Europe as well as details surrounding the "Wii no Ma" video service, also only in Japan.
- Sky Crawlers will be shown; more details will surface.
- Nintendo will "properly" announce Professor Layton 2's localization for DS. Will hit during the Summer.
- More VCA titles will be announced and/or VCA titles in Japan will be confirmed for an upcoming North American/European release.
- Nintendo will announce something pertaining to the success of Wii Fit.
- Nintendo will announce details on a new Wii Channel.
- Nintendo will reveal a new entry in the Donkey Kong franchise.
- Nintendo will announce new details on Kirby for Wii.
- Nintendo will touch on the possibility of new Wii/Wii Remote colours as per the showings leading up to the Wii's launch.
- Nintendo will tease a Virtual Console for the DSi. Most likely won't reveal it just yet; launch likely in time for the Holiday season.
- Nintendo will touch on the successes of the WiiWare service and DSiWare services and possibly explain their reasoning behind choosing certain releases in the queue. Could possibly make an announcement relating to WiiWare's one-year anniversary.
- Nintendo will reveal more details on an upcoming WiiWare game such as "Rock n' Roll Climber", "You, Me and the Cubes", and/or "Picture Book Games".
- Nintendo may reveal a gift feature for the DSi Shop in the same vein as the Wii Shop's function, could include Friend Codes for DSi systems.
- Nintendo will reveal plans to bring 100 Classic Book Collection to NA.
- Nintendo will reveal an upcoming VC game, in the same vein as how they revealed Final Fantasy's upcoming release at the Developer's Conference. Nintendo may reveal the release of the Mario Party titles for the 64 to coincide with the announcement of the new Mario Party.
- Nintendo will reveal a new peripheral.
- Nintendo will announce a new title for the Personal Trainer brand/series as well as a new title for the Touch Generations series.
- Nintendo could possibly announce a sequel to Mystery Case Files: Million Heir.
- Nintendo will reveal details an upcoming in-house WiiWare title based on an existing property (Kirby is especially likely; Donkey Kong, Metroid, Mario also have a chance.)

- Ubisoft will show off Academy of Champions, perhaps announce new details such as online play.
- Ubisoft will announce a new game, possibly related to a revival of the Rayman franchise. 
- Ubisoft will touch a bit on the sequel to Shaun White Snowboarding; may comment on the statistics on the Nintendo Channel and thereby reveal plans to include online play to extend replay value.
- Ubisoft will touch on the big success of the Raving Rabbids series, detail their plans with Rabbids Go Home and the new change in direction.

- Hudson Soft will touch on online play being included in Deca Sports 2.
- Hudson will announce plans to localize Joysound and possibly The Calling.
- Hudson Soft will reveal a new WiiWare title, possibly announce a new Lode Runner for WiiWare.
- Majesco may touch on the response in sales towards Major Minor's Majestic March (M4).
- Majesco will announce a new IP.

- Gameloft reveals a new DSiWare/WiiWare title, possibly from the Music, Board Game or Racing genres.
- Gameloft will announce a new WiiWare iteration of an existing Mobile title.
- Gameloft will provide new details on the upcoming WiiWare version of UNO.
- Gameloft will tease more details on Asphalt 4: Elite Racing for DSiWare.
- Gameloft could announce a WiiWare iteration of the revamped version of Sonic Unleashed for Mobile platforms.
- Gameloft will reveal new details on Oregon Trail for DSiWare.

- New details on Science Papa will surface.
- Activision will show off Tony Hawk's Ride and explain a bit on the features of the Wii version.
- Activision will show off DJ Hero, announcing new details.

- Capcom will announce a sequel to an existing property, possibly Mega Man Legends 3.
- Capcom will touch on the response towards Zack and Wiki, tie it into Spyborgs.
- Capcom will announce a new IP.
- More details surrounding Tatsunoko vs. Capcom will be revealed.

Namco Bandai
- Namco Bandai will touch on the sales of Klonoa; possible plans of developing more Klonoa titles.
- Namco may touch on their VCA support.
- The success of Active Life: Outdoor Challenge as well as the upcoming release for Active Live: Extreme Challenge will be touched on.

Electronic Arts
- EA will provide new details on Hasbro Family Game Night: Volume 2.
- EA will discuss their stance towards bringing NASCAR back to Wii, may discuss initial reception towards Kart Racing.
- EA will show off Need for Speed: Nitro.
- EA will announce a new project or a sequel to an existing IP that incorporates online play.
- EA will announce SimAnimals 2.
- A new SSX Game will be revealed by EA.
- EA will tease plans to bring Burnout to the Wii.

- New details surrounding DDR: Volume 1 will be revealed. Konami will most likely announce a release date, pricing decisions and a few other tidbits including maybe at least 3 of the songs that will be included.
- Konami will announce a follow-up to Elebits for Wii or alternatively discuss their future plans with the series.
- Konami will announce a new IP for Wii or WiiWare.
- DDR Hottest Party 3 will be announced, there could possibly discussion of online play. Most likely they'll only reveal 4 or 5 of the planned songs and touch on a few new features. (There's a lot of reason to believe that there will be an announcement of HP3 as shown by my analysis of Konami's fiscal report. If Konami announces that the game will include online play and new modes such as the long-awaited Edit Mode and ability to play Doubles charts, then they'll have a winner on their hands so long as the song list lives up. It's not expected that they'll flatout announce online play right away if they are, indeed, planning it. If anything, they'll probably only reveal like 4 or 5 songs that they've already got planned in addition to the new features. Other than Edit Mode and Wi-Fi, what other new features could they possibly add? There's much reason to suggest that these two new features may very well be included.)
- Konami could also announce a new DDR based on an out-of-house property (Sonic? A sequel to Mario Mix?).

High Voltage Software
- High Voltage will touch on Animales de la Muerte.
- High Voltage will announce a new game for Wii or WiiWare.

Square Enix
- Square Enix will announce a new title for DSi/DSiWare/WiiWare.
- Square Enix will announce plans to localize a title in Japan for NA.

- SEGA will reveal a new Skies of Arcadia for Wii.
- SEGA will announce Chu-Chu Rocket for Wii/DS and possibly a new entry in the Monkey Ball series for Wii.
- SEGA will reveal a new DSiWare/WiiWare title.
- SEGA will announce a sequel to SEGA Superstars Tennis, possibly revealing online play and maybe even Wii Motion Plus incorporation.
- There may be some talk of Shenmue getting a revival for Wii.
- The reason behind the re-trademarks of Sonic Shuffle and Jet Set Radio will be touched on or revealed. This could be involved in a new collection that will appear on Wii or potentially, Sonic Shuffle could get a remake while JSR gets a new game exclusively for Wii. Alternatively, Hudson could reveal something related to a Sonic Shuffle remake as well.
- SEGA will reveal something new regarding Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.
- SEGA will touch on the development of a promising upcoming Sonic game.
- A new Outrun game will be shown.
- The Billy Hatcher and Ecco franchises could see a revival from SEGA.
- SEGA may touch on the response towards Samba de Amigo's controls and overall reception.
- SEGA will announce a revival of an obscure property.

- Sting/Atlus will reveal a new Evolution revival for Wii.
- Atlus will announce a new game for Wii.

- THQ will announce either a sequel to an existing property or announce a completely new project. They may decide to touch on de Blob's sale numbers and its overall reception.
- THQ will touch on their upcoming SpongeBob game.
- THQ will provide more details on their upcoming Drawn to Life iteration for Wii. (It was previously predicted that they'd make the announcement at E3 but since the announcement has been made already, I've changed it.)

- BioWare will announce continued development of Sonic Chronicles' sequel.

- The developer will announce a new project for Wii.

- XSEED will announce a new acquisition or a new project.
- XSEED will touch on Fatal Frame IV's localization.

Other Developers/Miscellaneous
- More details surrounding DiRT 2 will be revealed.
- Scrabble for Wii could see notable features and possibly include online play.
- A new Shrek game will be revealed and shown off.
- Retro Studios will reveal a new IP.
- Codemasters will announce a new game or give more details surrounding one of their Wii projects.
- Bethesda will announce their new Wii project.
- More details on C.O.R.E will be shown.
- A new Worms title will be announced.
- The limbo situation surrounding Space Station Tycoon will be touched on.