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Nintendo Keynote Summary

posted 2 Jun 2009, 11:12 by Knuckles Sonic8
Here are my annotations of the whole event that transpired. I took note of the more important quotes and showings to ensure that if you missed the show you won't be out of the loop.

- 12:03 - Video reel montage starts playing. I spot some commercials of Rhythm Heaven and a few other things pertaining to DS and Wii.
- 12:04 - Cammie Dunaway called to stage.
- 12:05 - Cammie says we all have something in common: "a personal connection to video games"; nod made to people watching online.
- 12:06 - Last year, video games were just as big as home video, toys and even bigger than music and movie box office put together acc. to NPD
- 12:05 - Now it's different, Cammie says. You'll now hear of "your uncle calling you for tips in Mario Kart" or "see a woman playing on a plane with a DS".
- 12:06 - Cammie promises that today, Nintendo will bring both "innovation"... and "surprises in places where you thought there might not be any left." 
- 12:07 - Cammie starts touching on a popular iconic "guy" who's appeared in over 200 different titles, sold over 200 million games globally; obviously describing Mario. Shows reels of Super Mario World, Galaxy, NSMB, and some enemies like Goomba's.
- 12:07 - "Mario in 3D was great", Cammie says. "We admit we haven't quite figured out how to move into a 4th dimension". Later adds: "That number 4 is key to Mario's next surprise."
- 12:08 - 4 years Miyamoto has been thinking of a way to play Mario differently; announces NSMB for Wii. "18 million people appreciated the surprise that that game had to offer" -- that is, NSMB for DS. They concluded that "the answer to NSMB for Wii wasn't just new levels, but new players". 4 reps come to the stand each choosing a different character: Mario... Luigi... Blue Toad... Yellow Toad...
- 12:09 - 1-4 players. Item boxes produce generally one item per player. You can pick up and carry other players, play cooperatively. Throw players at enemies. When people lose a life, they come back in a bubble. You can let them out of the bubble or leave them alone for a bit get all the points for yourself.
- 12:11 - New item: propeller suit. Quick shake will shoot you in the sky, slowly drift back down. Save yourself from pits or find new levels. Since there's a lot going on at once, camera pans out accordingly; people at back can get wiped out off screen.
- 12:12 - Cammie came in 4th place. Lol. "This is why I make my living selling games instead of developing them". The game can be played at GDC, launching Holiday 2009 worldwide. 
- 12:13 - Before Wii, many people never "stepped up" to gaming. Touches on Wii Fit. Been best-selling video game in America and around the world. Analysts start considering the BBoard as a "separate gaming platform".
- 12:14 - Wii Fit Plus announced (no surprise there). Essentially, "you're your own trainer".
- 12:15 - Locker room shown. You can become your own personal trainer. 6 new yoga and strength training exercises. Can be combined in any order. Can omit interludes between exercises. 
- 12:16 - 15 new Balance games. Juggling, Skateboarding, and "Perfect 10" - swing hips in different directions to choose number combinations. Cammie dubs it as "Brain Age for your backside". Another activity that has you "leaping from platform to platform, dodging cannonballs and timber" and more. The game is clearly Mario-inspired.
- 12:17 - Wii Fit Plus available as a bundle or standlaone this fall.
- 12:19 - Wii Motion Plus showing off. "Most wont see difference till they hit the power button." "One that makes it feel and play more real". "Today they're off the coach." 
- 12:20 - Wii Motion Plus introduces an unprecedented aspect of physical reality by adding precision control. Video shown on the peripheral. We see Ping Pong, Basketball, Sword-swinging action, Archery, and Golf. All shown with some catchy music. 
- 12:21 - Jet Ski. Footage starting to be shown for Wii Sports Resor. Kayaking is a new activity. Disk Golf shown, footage for it seems a little "extra" in the movements the demonstrater did.
- 12:21 - Demonstrater takes the stage to show off this "realism" of Wii Motion Plus using Wii Sports Resort. Skydiving shown. You can grab some Mii's to perform aerial moves as you fly down towards the ground. Motion is really accurate and next, they show Parachutes opening up for all the Mii's. With that, they transition into Archery. They promise that just like in real life, it requires a "lot of skill".
- 12:27 - 3-point contest: Invites Reggie back to the stage for a Basketball competition in Wii Sports Resort. Making jokes but not too many are laughing. Really accurate. They're playing Basketball with the toe movements and everything. Looks really good. "Once you find your rhythm, you can keep it going." 
- 12:30 - "Others are putting Wii Motion Plus to work even sooner." TW PGA Tour 10 shown from EA. Grand Slam Tennis shown next. Virtua Tennis shown next. "Every little mistake you make in the real world... will be faithfully reflected in the game. This new dimension in physical reality will have you muttering all the same bad words you do in real life."
- 12:31 - Red Steel 2 logo shown. "Commitment to Wii Motion Plus is absolute". Third-party devs are "flowing". More 3rd party devs are sold for Wii more than any other platform, DS coming second.
- 12:32 - Says they'll focus on RPG's next. Final Fantasy for DS, Mario and Luigi RPG 3 shown.
- 12:37 - Golden Sun DS announced. Video reel shown of footage on the DSi.
- 12:38 - Cammie comes back touches on DS's install base. Touches very briefly on Zelda Spirit Tracks. Doesn't go into any details about it. Goes onto 3 examples of innovation for the DS. 
October 13: Women's Murder Club will be made available, interactive suspense novel based on James Patterson book. C.O.P Recruit shown shortly afterwards. Style Savvy shown, geared towards "preteens".
- 12:42 - DSi reel shown. People describing the DSi positively. Younger girl describes it as awesome. "I'm really excited to see what's coming up for the future."
- 12:44 - As of today, total DSi sales have surpassed 1 million units. Consumers have purchased another 400,000 DS Lites. Key differences is that of personalization.
- 12:46 - "Earlier this spring we demonstrated Moving Memo Pad... We can now announce that "Flipnotes Studio" will be available to DSi owners this summer." Other user-generated content games are shown: MVDK: Minis Rise Again revealed for DSiWare, coming this Monday, and WarioWare DIY announced (Do It Yourself).
- 12:51 - Iwata takes stage. Talks in a semi-funny voice, describes categories of gamers.
- 12:53 - 295 million people actively playing video games in Japan US and Europe. More than 149 Million people in the same territories who are potential palyers "may be interested in getting involved".
- 12:54 - "We still have a long way to go in expanding". Trying to appeal to new players, may decide fate of "entire platform". Presents an unprecedented challenge. "Making it harder for newcomers" is a dangerous strategy/risk. "We won't satisfy hardcore players". Differences between veterans and novice players. "Everyone of us was a new player at one time.:" Maybe we began on "Pong, Space Invaders or Donkey Kong". All immensely popular but intuitive enough to be enjoyed by everyone".
- 12:56 - Mario Kart Wii shown to emphasize the impotance of bridging gaps.
- 12:57 - "What's next?" Today as a sneak peek, I'd like to show you an entirely new idea. "Wii Vitality Sensor". Measures heartbeat, emotions and more. Certainly will appeal to many.
- 1:00 - Cammie: "Thank you for that look into the future."
- 1:00 - Mario comes back. More Mario news! "If you thought that was it for Mario, you're wrong."  "For the first time ever, a second full 3D Mario title will appear on a single Mario console." Footage of what seems to be Galaxy 2. Yoshi and more are shown. Awesome footage of crazy puzzles and platforming elements. Remix of a song in the original Mario Galaxy is played. Giant Goombas and some other cool stages that seem to harper back to some retro Mario action from the days of old. Title shown: Super Mario Galaxy 2. Applause ensues.
- 1:03 - "Constant goal of bringing more game experiences to more kinds of gamers. Some with innovation, some in the form of surprise."
- 1:03 - Reggie provides somewhat of a summary touching on NSMB for Wii, Wii Fit Plus, Golden Sun DS, Vitality Sensor announcement, game creation elements announced on DS and more.
- 1:04 - I'll be honest, I read the blogs too," Reggie acknowledges. He feels that people will come away from this saying: "Okay great. I want more." Proceeds to offer 3 examples of titles with "harder edge" before year end.
- 1:05 - The Conduit shown. Footage of the FPS shown. Touches on Capcom: "Capcom's Resident Evil has been a popular choice on Nintendo platforms". Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles shown.
- 1:08 - "Could a new edgier game be also coming from us? Absolutely." Takes a fresh look at an established franchise. Team Ninja teaming up with Nintendo. Video reels shown of what looks like S&P2... turns out to be a new Metroid entry: Metroid: Other M. Applause ensues of course..
- 1:11 - "What I can tell you is this historic collaboration will reveal a Metroid game unlike any other you've experienced before.... Will take you further into Samus' story."
- 1:15 - Closing comments.