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Robocalypse: Beaver Defense Impressions

posted 1 Jun 2009, 21:58 by Knuckles Sonic8
IGN got some hands-on time with this upcoming RTS game for the WiiWare service. Not too much as a whole besides the general gameplay explanations but they did shed some light on the game's modes. The single-player experience is a Campaign mode with more than 10 levels that can last anywhere from 10 minutes and up. There's also a challenging Survival mode where gamers will try to see how many of the 100 waves they can defeat without losing. Two modes seem to be planned for the online portion of the game. Last Man Standing mode is essentially how it sounds whilst Best Defender mode is more of a score-based competition. Overall, they seem to be very pleased with how the game's turning out and they claim that the game is currently slated for a release sometime in the "late Summer".