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Ubisoft announces Your Shape

posted 1 Jun 2009, 21:40 by Knuckles Sonic8
Ubisoft was planning a surprise reveal and it was predicted that this would be for the sports genre but since Academy of Champions was announced before E3, the stage was left open as to what their other unannounced title could be. Looks like Ubisoft is jumping on the fitness game bandwagon as well! Not only that, but Ubisoft is planning a unique peripheral for this game, a USB motion-sensing camera, and yes, this is for Wii! Imagine the potential! Keep in mind, too, that we also have Wii Speak so if Ubisoft uses this in other games and adopts Wii Speak support as well, oh boy, the potential is really high! But let's get back to Earth for a second and just establish a few details Ubisoft covered in their Keynote Address. Your Shape will be the very first camera-based fitness game that puts you into the game and, according to Ubisoft, ensures that exercises are done "the right way". The company is confident, strongly believing that Your Shape will bring about a "new era in fitness" by offering this unique, innovative experience. More details are expected to surface either during or shortly after E3.