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UFO bringing Geon and Rock Blast to Wii

posted 1 Jun 2009, 08:38 by Knuckles Sonic8
According to UFO Interactive's latest fact sheet of planned E3 showings, Geon Cube is one of the titles that they plan to unveil at E3. This title saw the light of day first on the XBLA platform as "Geon: Emotions" and now, it looks like we're getting an entry on the Wii. UFO also plans to bring the DS puzzle game, Rock Blast, over to the Wii. The game was originally released back in 2008. But could WiiWare be a more viable option for these two titles? Some of their other showings include: Saint, Arcade Shooter: Ilvelo, Army Rescue and, of course, the localization of Go! Go! Go! Minon: Everyday Hero for NA: Domino Rally.