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Wii Fit Plus - New Details

posted 5 Jun 2009, 09:26 by Knuckles Sonic8
IGN has given us a taste of some of the activities that will be included in Wii Fit Plus and they sound great! 10 mini-games were shown off, including: "Perfect 10, Island Cycling, Rhythm Kung-Fu, Segway Circuit, Bird's Eye Bulls-eye, Snowball Fight, Obstacle Course, Tilt City and Rhythm Parade". We already know what Perfect 10 is like -- Cammie describes it as "Brain Age for your backside" where players must hit various numbers using their hips to create a sum of 10. Island Cycling/Segway Circuit has you walking on the Balance Board and steering the bicycle with your Wii remote. Obstacle Course is also one we heard about already during Nintendo's conference -- a "Mario-esque level" where you must get through the course by jumping over logs, dodging cannonballs and more on your way to the finish. Bird's Eye Bulls-eye has your Mii in a chicken suit gliding in the sky, landing on targets and so on. It seems reminiscent of Monkey Target from the Monkey Ball series. Snowball Fight has you dodging incoming snowballs like the Soccer mini-game in Wii Fit and then you're even able to throw snowballs at Mii's using the A Button at the right time. Tilt City is reminiscent of a mini-game in Mario Party 8 where you must shift your wieght to sort coloured balls into their proper containers. The article concludes by saying this:
  • "We're also keeping our fingers crossed that initial rumors about online support to trade and track exercise data with friends come to fruition."