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Wii Sports Resort fully detailed

posted 2 Jun 2009, 09:18 by Billy White
Reggie Fils-Aime looked at Wii Motion Plus at today's E3 show from Nintendo, looking at the attachment coming soon to the Nintendo Wii remote, showing off the technology with a detailed trailer looking at how the controller could be used precisively for different mini games, looking at basketball, archery, basketball, canoeing and fencing. Alongside these, golf, table tennis, Frisbee and water skiing will also be included in the game. The first playable game in the sequel to Nintendo's bestseller will be skydiving, allowing you to dance in formation with others, and pick up friends along the way. As well as this, they also showed off archery, which is played as you'd expect, with the ability to zoom in when aiming helping you play the game. Despite this, they claim that the controls will require a lot of skill to get right though, just like in real life, adding to the realism of the controls. Finally, they also showed off a baseketball mini game, designed to help keep your aiming and shots right. That also means that each game is likely to have similar training exercises akin to Wii Sports from 2006.
    In addition to this, Reggie also mentioned Virtua Tennis 2009, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Red Steel 2, all of which will be including Wii Motion Plus, although no footage or gameplay was shown.