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About Wiiloveit

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'Site information 

Wiiloveit.com is powered by Google apps.
We are situated in the UK, and so most information will correspond with this area. We do like people from around the world visiting us though, so don't be put off by the minor niggles you may find!
Wiiloveit.com uses stats tracking powered by Google Analytics.
Since the technology of products used can vary and is often updated from time to time, please bear with us if you experience any problems. In future, we would like to utilise more features (eg. RSS feeds and reader comments) as they become available to us.
At the moment, Wiiloveit.com is not advertised in any way - so we're leaving it up to you lot to spread the word of the 'site for us. Go on, you know you want to.

Our aim

Our aim, is to give you, the reader, top quality Wii and DS reviews, features and news. We have our own simple interface, detailing some top stories on the home page, with regularly updated reviews and features on the others, and our own scoring system that is unlike any other website or magazine. We also have our own blogs and team profiles so that you can get to know the contributers well, and we update our pages with the most important news on our NewsBites page.

The story and history of Wiiloveit.com

Wiiloveit started in Autumn 2006. The launch of the Nintendo Wii was only a couple of months away, and so one person thought that he should spread the joyous word. This person, was Billy White (current manager, Wiiloveit.com). He created a small handout of a mere eight pages, detailing why the Wii was to be so great. After it's immediate success amongst his friends and even people he had never spoken to before, a further six "issues" were made, up until August 1st, 2007.
It was from here that he instead chose to move on, only taking the handout's name of Wiiloveit with him. He carried on work on a small website he'd created in his spare time, this time focusing more on news rather than games. Using the simple Google Pages application, he'd tell the world about the wonderful world of Wii from his home computer and local library. This website, WiiloveitMagazine, was rather unpopular, and despite support from his friends Billy soon gave up trying as he tired of the same unreliable interface.
A little while later in the spring of '08, Billy thought he'd start updating the 'site again. This time, it was going to be bigger, better and more information packed than before, but once again the Google Pages website made him get easily bored and angry with the project. Once Billy found another new package Google were offering, Google Sites, which was a much easier, streamlined version of web editing software, he set to work on a new version of WiiloveitOnline.
Admittedly it wasn't great, but for a new effort, Billy was happy. But there was something missing. He couldn't quite put his finger on it at first, but once he realised that not many people were going to easily find sites.google.com/sites/onlinewiiloveit, he set to work on a completely new website: Wiiloveit.com. Armed with the failures and experience of his past, Billy knew what he was doing this time, and from early August 2008, he started to create and develop the website that you see before you today.