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Chicken Shoot - Wii Review

Game Info
Chicken Shoot

Wii | Destination Software | 1-2 Players (local multiplayer) | Out Now 
Controller Compatibility: Wii Remote (pointer)
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30th May 2009; By Billy White

Some games are amazing, some are average, and some are downright rotten. The latter is something awful to find yourself purchasing, especially when the game feels like it's been made in less than a week. Chicken Shoot, is one such game.

    In Chicken Shoot, the aim is to shoot the animated Chickens as they fly across the screen, dance, wash, or do whatever it is that those Chickens do. This is done by simply pressing the B button on the remote. Every five shots though, you have to reload for a second with a tap of the A button before you can continue. That is just how you play the game, and even though it's nothing elaborate, it could still work well in a full-priced game if done properly.

    The problem is though, that everything is executed with little quality. The hand drawn cartoon graphics (which often cover up some of the action) and choice of font look cheap and tacky, the sounds and music will quickly get on your nerves, moving around levels from side to side and up and down feels terribly awkward, and sometimes when you shoot at an enemy it doesn't even register!

    Unaware of all this, the creators have added in a couple of extra modes. In the standard "arcade" mode, you must shoot the required number of enemies before continuing, in the "classic" mode, you need to shoot your way through levels before the time runs out, and in the egg catching mode, you must move your remote into the correct position (which doesn't work at all) to help the farmer collect eggs rolling from different corners of the screen. The first two modes are also available in a slapped-on split-screen two player mode, but this makes playing the game even more awkward since you can't see what's going on well enough.

    There are a few extra features - different weapons and extra time additions are gained when you shoot the required icons flying across the screen, and you also lose points if eggs and birds fly into the screen, and you also have the chance to play through 11 different themes (none of which are particularly good) - but there is just no point when the basic mechanics don't even work properly, and you'll quickly realise that there is no fun to be had here whatsoever. This wouldn't be worth buying even if it were a 500 Point WiiWare release, never mind the £20 asking price! STAY AWAY.

04/30 - Simply Awful

Gameplay 1/10 - The controls are slow and awkward, not particularly difficult to shoot enemies when the controls are actually functioning
Presentation 2/10 - The cartoon graphics look cheap and aren't half as funny as the developers must think; two for the music, which could have been worse
Enjoyment 0/5 - If anything, this is just really boring frustrating, with the multiplayer mode adding absolutely nothing to the experience
Extra Content 1/5 - There may be a few extra modes, but they don't really work and just feel shoehorned in

Equivalent to a score of 13% (percentage score is approximate and based solely on the previously stated rating)

Chicken Shoot
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Review by Billy White

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