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Pyoro - DSiWare Review

THE FACTS: Pyoro (a.k.a. Birds and Beans)
DSiWare | Nintendo | 1 Player | 200 Nintendo Points | Out Now
Reviewer: Billy White

You may have heard of Pyoro before, since it is simply a re-release of a classic WarioWare microgame. That doesn't mean that you're left with little to do though, since it is also one of the more re-playable mini games from the series. In Pyoro, you play as a small bird who walks left and right along the bottom of the screen (only one screen is used during this game). With a press of the A button though, the birds tongue extends from its mouth, and eats falling beans from the sky.

    The longer you hold the A button, the further your tongue goes, but there is no way to control which direction it travels in. Instead, the tongue will fly out at a fourty five degree diagonal in the direction you're facing, which may sound awkward, but makes the game all the more playable. If you miss beans though, they will fall and destroy parts of the floor, making your play area smaller and smaller. You can't fall off the edge of the platforms, and you instead lose the game once a bean lands on you.

    There is one more bonus stage in this game where you spit, rather than extend your tongue, but that is otherwise mostly the same. The only real problems with this mini game are that some people may find the gameplay tedious after a while (although once you get the hang of the game, you will probably get more and more addicted), and that both modes are relatively the same. Some people may have trouble reaching the minimum high score of ten thousand points before making their mark on the rankings, but otherwise, the game is a fun little treat that you'll almost certainly find yourself going back to for more.

21/30 - Good
Gameplay 8 - Simple, but limited | Presentation 7 - Simple affair that suits the game | Enjoyment 4 - Simple, yet repetitive fun | Other - 2 Little variety