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Review - WarioWare Snapped!

THE FACTS: WarioWare Snapped!
DSiWare | Nintendo | 1-2 Players (Co-op) | 500 Nintendo Points | Out Now
Reviewer: Billy White

As one of Nintendo's most innovative and recognised series', WarioWare always has a special gimmick these days. On the Game Boy Advance, there was WarioWare Twsited, complete with tilt sensitivity, on the Wii there was Wii-waggle incorporated fun with Smooth Moves, and now Mario's nemesis and mini-game master is on the DSi complete with camera functionality. Similar to the PlayStation Eyetoy, the game can sense movement in order to complete short mini games, however these mini games offer more frustration than enjoyment.

    This is because the game requires you to play in a well lit (but not too well lit) area, where your skin tone is easily distinguishable from the rest of your surroundings. It might sound like a simple thing to do, but depending on hair colour and how light your skin may be in comparison to your background, you'll likely see more menu screens than actual mini games. This isn't helped by the requirement of having to fit inside a differently shaped silhouette prior to each and every mini game, which can often take longer to work out than the actual mini game itself.

    The mini games are relatively innovative, but they just aren't "WarioWare" enough. This is because you are given a ridiculously long amount of time to complete each one (in comparison to the three second-ish limits you were sometimes given on previous games). This might not seem so bad, but the point of the short time limits on the previous games was to make you think quickly about what you had to do, rather than skill being in how good you are at the mini games themselves. Since little skill is needed for either completing the mini games or working out how to complete them this time around, it just doesn't feel like WarioWare, which takes away half the fun.

    There is a two player co-op mode included for two players on the same screen, but if you find getting the camera to recognise you by yourself tricky enough, this multiplayer mode will offer double the stress as you try to get your friend to be recognised at the same time. Plus, the multiplayer mode includes one game where both players have to be positioned at a ninety degree angle to the screen, which is barely possible in the first place. The worst part is that rather than failing the mini game and going on to the next one, the game claims that because it can't find you and your friend in the required positions, you have to go back to the main menu and start all over again.

    When you do get the game working, it's not that bad, but it's still not half as much fun as previous WarioWare games. In fact, the most fun you'll get from this is when you've completed the five (yes, only five) mini games in each level (of which there are four, including the co-op level), when a humourous slideshow of pictures of yourself playing through the level are displayed. Despite little bits of humour being incorporated into the mini games, watching yourself during these random moments is the funniest part of the whole game, which says an awful lot about just how frustrating it really is.

17/30 - Below Average
Gameplay 5 - Broken for the most part | Presentation 8 - Simple, but "fun", with good music | Enjoyment 2 - Too frustrating | Other - 2 Far too short