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Site Announcements and News

Below you can check out all the latest happenings behind Wiiloveit.com, and find out about what's coming up in the future of Wiiloveit, and take a look at some new features we wanted to share with you now, alongside many many more wonderful treats.

The Conduit - Online Battle Royale

posted 13 Jun 2009, 09:51 by Billy White   [ updated 30 Jun 2009, 13:27 ]

UPDATE: Due to a delay in the original European release of the game, we have made the decision to postpone the battle royale until further notice. Don't worry: the tourney will still be taking place, and has been rescheduled to take place on the 18th of July. Apologies for any inconvenience. Blame Sega.

We've all heard of The Conduit by now: the first "proper" online FPS game for the Wii, due out soon from High Voltage Software. Well, we thought we'd take advantage of the online mode by hosting our very own wi-fi battle evening. We'll play through different modes over a couple of hours, where anyone who has the game is allowed to join in!

    The game is due out in North America on the 23rd of June, and in Europe a few weeks after on Friday the 10th of June. We want to let battle commence as soon after the releases as possible, whilst still allowing time for everyone to grab a copy, and therefore, we will be playing shortly after the later, European release, on July 18th.

    We haven't got specifics ready regarding what we are exactly going to be doing until we get the game (July 10th), however what we do know is that we will be able to have up to twelve players in total, the first being myself, and the remaining eleven spaces being for whoever joins us first. If demand is really popular, then we will instead have two games going, one run by myself, and the other by another of the team members.

    Of course, in order to play, you'll need to register my friend code so that I can start up a room for you to join. Therefore, at least 24 hours before, I will ensure that my friend code is posted right here, and will set up a form for you to send in your own. Once again, anyone can join, and once you have registered my friend code, you also have the opportunity to register anyone else in the game as a friend without having to note down ten more numbers, thanks to the "friend of a friend" system that High Voltage included - handy, huh? Plus, thanks to this system, everyone will be able to chat with each other via Wii Speak (if you have the accessory, that is - although it is not a required necessity if you want to play).

Below are the basic details of the tournament, alongside the list of times that the tournament will be in process...

Saturday July 18th 2009
Time 7pm UK time (BST / GMT+1); 2pm Eastern North America (EDT); 1pm Central time North America (CDT); 10am PDT
How long Two hours (although you don't have to play all the time if you can't, since that will allow more people to join in)
Who can play Anyone! As long as your one of the first eleven people who appears in our roster, you can play!
Full details of which modes we will be playing, as well as the friend code that you need to register to play, will go online during Friday 10th July, however, if you think you'll forget to check the page for the code, we can send you an e-mail reminder on the day. Just fill in the box below if you want us to get in touch.

    If you're not interested in our Conduit tournament, don't forget to check back in future for more tournaments on a variety of other games, and if our first Conduit tourney goes well, we'll probably do a second one as well.

The Conduit Online Battle Royale - E-mail Notification

New Team Members, New Look, New Wiiloveit

posted 29 May 2009, 12:44 by Billy White   [ updated 29 May 2009, 14:03 ]

As we're fast approaching E3 2009, we've been updating the 'site a little to improve Wiiloveit in general and give you guys better service, features, and a design that looks a little bit more proffesional. Below are details of our latest announcements regarding the website.

Team members

We are very happy to reveal our latest two team members to the 'site, these being our two new reviewers James Fluker from the US of A and Murat from London, England! You may have already seen James' review of Defend your Castle he did a few weeks ago, and a little bit of news coverage Murat offered to help out with, and soon, they will both be reviewing games for Wiiloveit more often, with a Final Fantasy WiiWare review on it's way soon from James, and a Red Steel review from Murat. We're very happy to welcome both these guys to the team, and look out soon for new blogs and profiles appearing for both of these happy chappies.

New look homepage

You may have noticed that our homepage design has been very unreliable and ever-changing in the past, but now we have a design that looks set to stay! This design features a combined list of all the latest stories so that you can instantly see what's new on the 'site, alongside images and thumbnails on the left hand side of the page that link to some of our favourite highlights on the site. There are also handy links to our Blogger RSS feed, our YouTube channel and our Twitter page, each one opening in a new tab so that you can check them out and then return to the homepage instantly without having to go through the horribly tasking process of typing out the whole URL again. Aren't we good to you?
    There's also a snazzy little bar going down the side of the latest updates which will change in style on a regular basis to help keep the design looking fresh, whilst not looking untidy with several different images littered down the side of the page at random intervals. We have also moved our site updates to the bottom of the page in smaller text, since we obviously want you guys to be reading what's on the site, rather than about it.

You may have noticed several of the features mentioned above before, but now things are finally sorted for good, and looking much snazzier than before. Here's an example of what some of our thumbnails used to look like a few weeks ago, compared to how they look now...


More redesigning

We're also redesigning another few bits of the 'site at the moment, with one of the most noticeable updates of recent being the snazzy sidebar, with the ability to condense and expand different parts and skip straight to sub pages, such as previous news, or blog highlights.
    Me and guest reviewer Joe Currie (thanks, Joe!) have also both been updating the games index, and this weekend we will launch the brand new index, which has a much cleaner design and gives you the ability to sort games by system, genre or rating if you wish. Once the index for games due out soon is ready, they will both be added to the navigation bar instead of the current games index, but in the meantime, check out our index of reviews here (opens in new tab).

New style news

Since KnucklesSonic8 came along, our news coverage has been pretty ace compared to how it was prior to his arrival. Sometimes he doesn't get around to updating for a few days due to other commitments or internet problems etc., but when he does: you know it's gonna be a big update. Anyway, as of June 1st, our news will be split into weekly updates due to a few bugs we've been receiving in long articles which we simply don't have the time to figure out and retype everything, so with weekly pages, not only can you browse news more easily and load pages quicker, but we can also ensure that each page is of the optimum quality. Check out our latest news here.

E3 2009

As our final point for this update, don't forget to check out our E3 2009 page for all the big Nintendo-related updates as soon as we hear about them. From 9am PST / 12 noon EST and 5pm British Summertime / GMT+1, don't forget to keep refreshing as we give you updates by the bucketload as me and KnucklesSonic8 both give you all the latest HUGE announcements in all the detail we can possibly muster. In the meantime, be sure to go to our E3 page to check on our predictions, including KS8's huge thoughts based on "facts and solid information, some are based on deeply-rooted fan hopes, and others are predictions ofmore "secretive" nature". Note that all of our E3 coverage will be posted in these pages, and the Latest News and other pages will NOT feature E3 news.

Anyways, don't forget to keep checking out Wiiloveit.com over the coming weeks and months, where things are only just getting started...

Billy White  |  Creator / Editor Wiiloveit.com  |  billy@wiiloveit.com

Pokemon Platinum DS Competition

posted 2 May 2009, 13:54 by Billy White   [ updated 17 May 2009, 09:59 ]

WIN a copy of Pokemon Platinum courtesy of GamesBasement.co.uk!
  • Don't forget to check out Games Basement on twitter (twitter.com/gamesbasement)
  • And don't forget to check Games Basement when it launches on Monday the 4th of May
  • Also, why not see our interview with the head guy at Games Basement here?


After our original winner (Chibekoe on YouTube) never replied to our messages - we have since redrawn the winner.

Congratulations to our new winner, Jacob November from the USA
Your prize will be sent off to you as soon as possible :D

Don't forget to keep checking out Wiiloveit.com in future for more competitions and Nintendo goodness!

Please note that the prize is a US copy of Pokemon Platinum, rated E for Everyone. The game will still play on any Nintendo DS or DSi console worldwide.

Only one entry will be counted per person and per household. Any multiple entries will be ignored, but still included for the Games Basement newsletter.
Note that there is no age limit for entering, and it doesn't matter whereabouts in the world you live, although the game is English language (we assume).
GamesBasement.co.uk have donated the prize of Pokemon Platinum (DS), and Wiiloveit.com accepts no responsibility for the prize itself, or if it changes.
Wiiloveit  contributers may still enter the competition, since it is all done fairly, but I (Billy White) won't do so, just to be nice :D
Closing date 9th May 2009

Home page BETA details

posted 26 Apr 2009, 07:07 by Billy White

Over this week, we are trying to pump life back into Wiiloveit, and we're doing that in several ways. One main change you'll notice is the home page of the 'site, which now looks a lot less busy, yet still features all the best and most recent articles. You'll notice that there's a link to the RSS feed, and that new articles are no longer categorised by news, reviews or features. The design is still a working progress, though, so tell us what you think below.

We really appreciate your feedback, and hope that the better Wiiloveit will make you happy.

A few more updates before we go though...
  • The background is now slightly different to make up for a few problems we had with the heading
  • New heading which looks funky
  • The heading is now clickable again, taking you straight to the home page - a feature that was unintentionally removed after the website update (with the funky background) in January this year
  • Meet the Team page now back, with all our new team members... keep checking it though, for more people due soon... Meet the Team
  • Games index now improved with bigger, better system logos that are easier to read and identify and a quick guide explaining how it works Games Index
  • DSiWare added to the 'site, identifiable by the pink DSiWare logo
  • New Download logo added to show articles regarding the Wii or DSi shops (ie, spanning across DSiWare, WiiWare and the Virtual Console)
  • New "NEW" icons in the games index for different meanings Games Index
  • Improved blogs (including one for KnucklesSonic8), which will be updated more frequently Blogs KS8's Blog
  • Daily Nintendo Favourites from across the internet on WiiloveitTV WiiloveitTV - YouTube
  • New WiiloveitTV YouTube BETA Channel design, allowing you to quickly browse all of our uploads WiiloveitTV - YouTube
  • Now part of YouTube RealTime Sharing, allowing you to see what we're watching all the time, and send us a vides that you're watching

Just a few of our planned updates...
  • New team members
  • Lotsa new reviews and features
  • Our first ever competition
  • The return of the online tournaments
  • Games indexed by system in the Games Index

Keep a look out for more new stuff on it's way, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/wiiloveit 

Website Update - RSS; Messageboard; DSiWare; NEW Interviews

posted 9 Apr 2009, 11:18 by Billy White

There's been a few updates recently to Wiiloveit, and the main updates are listed below.

We've started blogging all of our new articles now on a separate page, and if you want to subscribe to our updates via RSS, our new blog is the easiest way to do so. Check out wiiloveitupdates.blogspot.com for the latest, or paste the following link into your RSS reader today: http://wiiloveitupdates.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

You may remember the WiiloveitTV messageboard over on YouTube, which took advantage of collaborative annotations, and allowed users to add their own text to the video. Our second messageboard has gone up now after the first one got a bit too full. We've made this messageboard longer so it will last longer, and added a cool colour changing effect. Add your own gaming thoughts to the messageboard by clicking on the icon displayed at the bottom of the video.

You may have noticed our first DSiWare reviews go online as well. In future, we will try to cover as much DSiWare as possible, and don't forget to recieve lots of updates on the latest DSi features and games in future! Still to come over the next few days are reviews of DSi Camera, DSi Sound, Art Style Decode and the DSi Browser.

Look out soon for some new, exclusive interviews we've got coming up. I'm not going to reveal too much now, but what I can say is that they are the first two interviews of their type, and one of them is with someone we've done an interview with before. The first of these interviews should be up over the weekend if things go well, with the second one hopefully going online within the next two weeks.

That's all for now, check back soon for more updates!

'Site Latest - New Home Page; New News Reporter

posted 28 Mar 2009, 08:05 by Billy White   [ updated 30 Mar 2009, 12:05 ]

It's been a whole two weeks since our last 'site update, so I thought it would be a nice time to fill you all in on what you've been missing.

First of all, I've been updating the home page design recently and as you may have noticed, there has been a "BETA" logo at the top of the screen (see below) during this process. Now though, the design has finished the BETA stage, and whilst you may still see a few noticable changes over the next few days and weeks, I've finished most of my messing around for now.

I'd also like to take this moment to introduce a new member to the team: KnucklesSonic8! KS8 has done a lot of work over at the WiiDebate forums in the past, and you'll have probably seen him commenting on all the big news stories across the 'net. KnucklesSonic8 is our new News reporter, and as you may have already seen, he's already posted a lot more stories than I have myself! Don't forget to keep on checking out the NewsBites page so that you don't miss out on anything that might have skipped the home page, and I hope that you like the new(ish) design for each news article.

One more point: I've been incredibly busy over the past couple of weeks, especially with the home page update and the sudden rush of games that I've had to play through, but over the coming week, I hope to have a new interview, a daily DSi countdown feature and a bunch of new reviews online. Games that I've played and will be reviewed soon are listed at the bottom of this article.

Well, I think that that's it for now. Don't forget to follow our updates on Twitter (twitter.com/wiiloveit), and befriend or subscribe to us over on YouTube to catch the latest Nintendo gaming trailers and videos, amongst a few more bits of randomness (youtube.com/wiiloveittv).

Games reviews that are on their way soon: Dead Rising Chop Til You Drop review; Family Ski & Snowboard review; Mario Power Tennis Wii review; Big Bang Mini DS review; Job Island Wii review; Deadly Creatures Wii review; Sonic and the Black Knight Wii review

WiiloveitTV Latest - Message Board / Moment of Madness

posted 14 Mar 2009, 15:13 by Billy White   [ updated 15 Mar 2009, 05:03 ]

WiiloveitTV just keeps getting better and better, and now you can even join in a chat with the online community over on our messageboard, which anyone can add annotations to! Click here to give it a shot, and see below to take a look at some comments posted so far.

Remember though, that people could post nasty things, and we politely request that you refrain from saying offensive things, or using bad language.

If this isn't your thing though, why not check out some of our other new videos, such as this look at the concept art of LostWinds, and this moment of madness regarding the NEW PLAY CONTROL! adverts. If that's still not your thing, why not check out trailers for Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, Excitebots Trick Racing, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Mario Power Tennis or --- Grey's Anatomy The Video Game (hey - it's in HD!)

Just added: if you've seen our Moment of Madness short, why not download it yourself in good ol' MP3, so that you can listen to a bit of slow-mo NEW PLAY CONTROL! goodness wherever you go.

Right click and "Save Link As"

Oh - and don't forget to befriend us and subscribe!

Online Tournament - Postponed

posted 20 Feb 2009, 12:02 by Billy White

We regret to announce that the Bomberman Blast and Tetris Party tournaments have been postponed due to lack of interest. We still plan on giving these games another try on Wi-fi though, and once we have decided on a date, we will let you know.

Sorry again, and apologies to those of you who sent me your Mario Kart Wii friend codes but failed to see me - long story short, I got locked out :(

Apologies and regards,
Billy White

Online Tournament Weekend

posted 16 Feb 2009, 05:45 by Billy White   [ updated 20 Feb 2009, 05:49 ]

Continue reading to join in with Mario Kart, Tetris Party or Bomberman Blast this Friday and Saturday...

You may have heard about or joined in with our first two Mario Kart tournaments, and this weekend, we plan to go one step further. Read on for details, and to find out how to send us your friend code!

This Friday evening (20th Feb) at 7pm GMT (2pm New York time / 11am Los Angeles time), our next Mario Kart Wii tournament is due to take place. You can play as anyone on anything, as long as you join in and play fair (ish). Anyone can join in, just send us your Mario Kart Wii friend code, and I'll register you for the event. Even if you can't join in though, you can still send us your friend code and we can compare times and scores in future.

Sadly, this Friday's tournament will be taking place during working / school hours in North America (11am Los Angeles / 2pm New York), and I apologise for this. Due to this, those that can play should feel free to bring a friend along as a guest, and we look forward to playing with you!

If Mario Kart isn't your thing, or you just can't get enough of online play, why not join us on Saturday (21st Feb), when at the same time (7pm GMT / 2pm NY / 11am LA), we'll start our Bomberman Blast tournament for fourty five minutes. Feel free to vote for any mode on any level, and as with the Mario Kart tournament, feel free to invite a friend. If you are inviting friends, please message us beforehand and let us know, since we have no idea how many people will join us here.

Once the Bomberman Blast tournament ends, we'll be online for around half an hour of Tetris Party online! Get ready to thrash us be thrashed (!) and as usual, anyone is allowed to play - you can't get much worse than me. Just in case the Bomberman tournament ends late, we'll be officially starting the Tetris tournament at 8pm GMT (one hour after the Bomberman tourney - 3pm NY / 12pm LA), but if the roster is filled before then, we'll start the game immediately, so try to get online from 7:45 (fifteen minutes beforehand) just to be safe.

Remember, you are allowed to join in as many or as few of the tournaments as you wish, and we'll accept as many friend codes as possible, since we don't expect everyone to turn up on the day. Do try your best to show up though, and we're looking forward to playing with you.

Check our friend codes and send us your own in the form below, or if you'd rather do so, e-mail us or send us a message via YouTube - whichever way, we'll get around to you as soon as possible!

Future tournaments are planned if you can't make it to this one, and we're looking into the possibility of doing them for Super Smash Bros Brawl, Snowboard Riot and Onslaught, alongside our first selection of DS tournaments.

Send us your friend code

tyvm - WiiloveitTV is teh pwnzor

posted 13 Feb 2009, 13:12 by Billy White   [ updated 13 Feb 2009, 13:17 ]

Over on YouTube, WiiloveitTV is making quite a name for itself. Today, we reached the third "most viewed channel" spot in the UK reporters section, and out of EVERYONE on YouTube, we also got to spot number 94 in the complete listings for the UK. Below, you can see some more of our awards, taken directly from screenshots of YouTube.

WiiloveitTV Channel positions

Top Viewed Reporters (UK)

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - Official Teaser Trailer

And we couldn't have done it without you guys, so why not check out our channel for yourselves, and if you wish, you could befriend or subscribe us - we're not forcing you, it would just be nice, that's all.

All screen prints taken just after 9:00 pm GMT Friday 13th February - who said it's unlucky?

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