Mario Kart Wii Online Session - February 1st Tournament Details - UPDATED

posted 20 Jan 2009, 09:40 by Billy White   [ updated 1 Feb 2009, 11:06 ]
Do you want a good old game of Mario Kart Wii online with the team and fellow readers? Read on for details of how to join the game next weekend and how to give us your friend code.

    Add us on Mario Kart Wii - our friend code is 2707-1741-3437 - and send us your friend code to prepare for the first online games sessions.

    If you want to play, message us via YouTube here, e-mail me at or use the online contact form to let us know your friend code.

    We'll be playing a few grand prix's, alongside a team grand prix, and there will also be a balloon and coin battle in between at some point. The tournament could last anywhere up to two hours, and you can join or drop out at any point - just don't be a sore loser. After each round, we'll wait in the lobby for two or three minutes in case anybody else joins or in case you need to grab a snack / go to the toilet, and then we'll ask "is everyone here", and we'll await everyones replies.

    Looking forward to playing with you!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who played, even though a few connection problems remained and left several people unable to join or play properly. The next tournament (including a bit of Bomberman) will be announced in the next few days, so keep checking back!

After Tournament UPDATE: In the first tourney, the games were excellent and a load of fun, and I hope that those of you who played enjoyed them. Let's hope that next time more people remember to turn up, since this time there was one person that dropped out, one person that never sent me their fc, one person that didn't even show up in my friend roster, and one that did but couldn't join. And I was supposed to have a Oli round to play but he couldn't make it in the end due to a relative coming over before going to Spain. At least Bernd and Daniel from Bplus and NintenDaan were there with us, with congratulations going to the overall winner NintenDaan.

    The next tournament is set for a week on Sunday, since I figured that less people tend to be busy on a Sunday than Saturday, so if you haven't got any plans, it's going to be February 1st, one hour earlier than this time, and I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to enter - if you want to play, message us via YouTube here, e-mail me at or use the online contact form to let us know your friend code.

    There will be another notice going up soon on our YouTube channel and right here to remind you all, alongside messages to those who showed interest in playing this first time.