New Team Members, New Look, New Wiiloveit

posted 29 May 2009, 12:44 by Billy White   [ updated 29 May 2009, 14:03 ]
As we're fast approaching E3 2009, we've been updating the 'site a little to improve Wiiloveit in general and give you guys better service, features, and a design that looks a little bit more proffesional. Below are details of our latest announcements regarding the website.

Team members

We are very happy to reveal our latest two team members to the 'site, these being our two new reviewers James Fluker from the US of A and Murat from London, England! You may have already seen James' review of Defend your Castle he did a few weeks ago, and a little bit of news coverage Murat offered to help out with, and soon, they will both be reviewing games for Wiiloveit more often, with a Final Fantasy WiiWare review on it's way soon from James, and a Red Steel review from Murat. We're very happy to welcome both these guys to the team, and look out soon for new blogs and profiles appearing for both of these happy chappies.

New look homepage

You may have noticed that our homepage design has been very unreliable and ever-changing in the past, but now we have a design that looks set to stay! This design features a combined list of all the latest stories so that you can instantly see what's new on the 'site, alongside images and thumbnails on the left hand side of the page that link to some of our favourite highlights on the site. There are also handy links to our Blogger RSS feed, our YouTube channel and our Twitter page, each one opening in a new tab so that you can check them out and then return to the homepage instantly without having to go through the horribly tasking process of typing out the whole URL again. Aren't we good to you?
    There's also a snazzy little bar going down the side of the latest updates which will change in style on a regular basis to help keep the design looking fresh, whilst not looking untidy with several different images littered down the side of the page at random intervals. We have also moved our site updates to the bottom of the page in smaller text, since we obviously want you guys to be reading what's on the site, rather than about it.

You may have noticed several of the features mentioned above before, but now things are finally sorted for good, and looking much snazzier than before. Here's an example of what some of our thumbnails used to look like a few weeks ago, compared to how they look now...


More redesigning

We're also redesigning another few bits of the 'site at the moment, with one of the most noticeable updates of recent being the snazzy sidebar, with the ability to condense and expand different parts and skip straight to sub pages, such as previous news, or blog highlights.
    Me and guest reviewer Joe Currie (thanks, Joe!) have also both been updating the games index, and this weekend we will launch the brand new index, which has a much cleaner design and gives you the ability to sort games by system, genre or rating if you wish. Once the index for games due out soon is ready, they will both be added to the navigation bar instead of the current games index, but in the meantime, check out our index of reviews here (opens in new tab).

New style news

Since KnucklesSonic8 came along, our news coverage has been pretty ace compared to how it was prior to his arrival. Sometimes he doesn't get around to updating for a few days due to other commitments or internet problems etc., but when he does: you know it's gonna be a big update. Anyway, as of June 1st, our news will be split into weekly updates due to a few bugs we've been receiving in long articles which we simply don't have the time to figure out and retype everything, so with weekly pages, not only can you browse news more easily and load pages quicker, but we can also ensure that each page is of the optimum quality. Check out our latest news here.

E3 2009

As our final point for this update, don't forget to check out our E3 2009 page for all the big Nintendo-related updates as soon as we hear about them. From 9am PST / 12 noon EST and 5pm British Summertime / GMT+1, don't forget to keep refreshing as we give you updates by the bucketload as me and KnucklesSonic8 both give you all the latest HUGE announcements in all the detail we can possibly muster. In the meantime, be sure to go to our E3 page to check on our predictions, including KS8's huge thoughts based on "facts and solid information, some are based on deeply-rooted fan hopes, and others are predictions ofmore "secretive" nature". Note that all of our E3 coverage will be posted in these pages, and the Latest News and other pages will NOT feature E3 news.

Anyways, don't forget to keep checking out over the coming weeks and months, where things are only just getting started...

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