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5th June 2009 | Posted by Billy White

DSiWare Sales Chart

With the new Wii and DSi shop releases out today, we thought we'd take a look at the most popular games on the DSi shop at the moment. Below, you can see the complete list of eighteen games in the UK DSi Shop's Popular Games list.

18) Art Style: CODE     (500 points - Nintendo)
17) Animal Crossing Calculator NEW TODAY     (200 points - Nintendo)
16) Art Style: KUBOS         NEW TODAY     (500 points - Nintendo)
15) Art Style: AQUITE     (500 points - Nintendo)
14) Animal Crossing Clock     NEW TODAY     (200 points - Nintendo)
13) Mixed Messages     (500 points - Activision)
12) A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Funny Face     (200 points - Nintendo)
11) Art Stle NEMREM     NEW LAST WEEK     (500 points - Nintendo)
10) A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Deep Psyche     (200 points - Nintendo)
9) Real Football 2009     (800 points - Gameloft)
8) A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Shuffle Games     (200 points - Nintendo)
7) A Little Bit of... Dr Mario     (500 points - Nintendo)
6) Pyoro     (200 points - Nintendo)
5) WarioWare Snapped     (500 points - Nintendo)
4) Pop Superstar Road to Celebrity     (800 points - Gameloft)
3) Art Style: PiCOPiCT     (500 points - Nintendo)
2) Paper Plane     (200 points - Nintendo)
1) Internet Browser     (Free - Opera)

And that's your lot. Well done to PiCOPiCT for becoming the highest ranked Art Style game yet, as well as Pop Superstar, which has also done very well considering its price. Meanwhile, last weeks NEMREM has failed to hit the service with such a bang, whilst it lingers in the bottom half of the charts, unrightfully so under the likes of Magic Made Fun. Out of the new games today, the Animal Crossing Clock is already at 14, though considering there are three new games today, it's not quite as high as it looks, whilst the Calculator seems less popular at 17. Art Style: CODE is this weeks bottom game, and once again does not deserve it's position at the bottom of the table.

1st June 2009 | Posted by Billy White

Exclusive First Bit Boy!! Details

It wasn't long ago when we reported on a teaser image sent out by Bplus, which held a secret message. That message was "WiiWare Bit Boy!!", and, intrigued, we decided to look into this further and find out what this actually meant.

    "It was always an ambition of us to create a retro game", says Bernd Gleiblinger, art director of the Austrian Nintendo developers, "but we never could agree on which videogame generation we should model the game after. In the end, we decided to cover all graphical styles of the past 30 years of videogame history in one single game."

    Bplus have certainly stopped at nothing here to ensure that Bit Boy!! is just like it's retro forefathers. "Our aim was to create a mirror to the past by imitating all the aspects of the previous generations in order to recreate their unique styles." Similar to Capcom, who released Mega Man 9 on WiiWare last year, Bplus have also decided to make sure that the game suffers from all the issues you would have found if the game was released during the specified times.

    "It was not easy to abide to all the technical weaknesses like low framerate, low resolution, limited colour palettes, low polygon count, effects or pixel fill rate of our favorite classic consoles; nevertheless I think we did a good job creating Bit Boy!!, since we played many of its games and greatly enjoyed them."

Read the full feature here, and check out the first art for the game >>