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Nunchuck - Downloadable Demo Reviews

posted 28 Oct 2008, 09:41 by Billy White   [ updated 19 Nov 2008, 06:42 ]

DS Downloadable Demo Reviews

Here you can check out our thoughts on the downloadable demos available for your DS via the Nintendo Channel. We’ve also listed game’s age ratings where they are 12+ or above.

Please note that demos featured are ones that are / have been available in the UK.

The download speed shown below is the speed it takes to download the demo temporarily to your Wii – though this may vary – usually only by a few seconds – depending on connection speed. The time it takes to send the game from your Wii to your DS is usually around double the time it takes to download it from the internet to your Wii.

All ratings are out of five, and do not reflect the actual game – just the demo.

All games featured have profiles available on the Nintendo Channel unless stated.


How to get these demos – a beginners guide

If you want any of the game demos, make sure your Wii is online, then go to the Wii Shop Channel. Click “Start Shopping”, go to the “Wii Channels” icon, choose “Nintendo Channel” and click on the download icon to download it to your Wii. From here, it will be featured on your Wii Menu. Whilst still online, go into the program, and when it loads, go to the video menu, press “Find Titles For You” at the top of the screen and choose the DS Download Service icon. Scroll to find the game you want, click on it, wait for it to download, and then switch your DS on. Touch “Download Play” on the DS menu, wait for the respective demo to appear, touch it, and accept the download. From here, you wait until the DS has finished downloading. If you switch your DS off, you will lose the demo until you re-download it. Once the game starts to play, you can exit the screen on the Nintendo Channel. Do not click on any other icons whilst your game is downloading or being sent to your DS.


Combat of Giants Dinosaurs

Download speed: 18 Seconds


As kids RPG games go, this is a fairly good one for the boys. You are a dinosaur, and you walk around a small area, battling other dinosaurs using your different strengths an abilities. When you defeat a rival, you can walk over to dead carcasses nearby or a stream or water, to keep yourself from getting thirsty or hungry, and keeping your health meter high. After each battle, you gain points which can be used to buy upgrades for your ‘saur, such as improved legs or head fighting techniques. There’s some fairly good presentation as well, and the gameplay’s not bad either.

Demo Rating ●●●●◦

Length ●●●◦◦

Persuasive-ness ●●●◦◦


Doodle Hex



In this short demo, you must battle against an opponent by drawing one of several shapes shown to you at the start. Do them at the correct time, and you will supposedly by blocking your opponents attack, or sending off one of your own. It isn’t very clear, and that’s all you do. Basically – it’s naff.

Demo Rating ●◦◦◦◦

Length ●◦◦◦◦

Persuasive-ness ●◦◦◦◦

Soul Bubbles


Download speed: 19 Seconds

MySims Kingdom


Download speed: 17 Seconds

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