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All of these articles are from our old 'site WiiloveitOnline, and were added at the start of, or before, August 2008. These articles have not been changed (much) from the originals, and over time we may update some of these things on the normal pages. That is all.

News - Wii Storage Solution Patented?

posted 8 Aug 2008, 12:01 by Billy White   [ updated 8 Aug 2008, 12:04 ]

"Geeks and Otaku" will be pleased to hear that the Wii Storage Solution may finally be solved after Nintendo recently filed a joint patent that features an alternate memory storage device to Hard Drives.

    The patent features technology which will allow data to be stored in a three dimensional space, rather than on a disc surface (as with hard drives) and was filed with company InPhase Technologies.

    InPhase created the technology for holographic storage and it now seems like Nintendo want in on it too, since reports say that Nintendo is looking into the ideas.

    This way of storing data is really advanced, and so Nintendo may be thinking a bit too much out of the box here, but if it solves the current Wii memory problem, we're more than happy for any kind of solution.

    Hopefully more information will be revealed within the upcoming months.

    >> View the image of the patent to the right

News - FiiFA 2009 Wii Details

posted 8 Aug 2008, 11:58 by Billy White   [ updated 8 Aug 2008, 11:59 ]

New info has been released on the upcoming FIFA 2009 game for Wii. 

    First of all, the new edition is going to incorporate Mii's into the gameplay (which look frankly hideous) in an eight-a-side Wii-exclusive Footii mode.

    Secondly, the vertical camera angle chosen for last years edition has been ditched, with a more FIFA-traditional horizontal look at things.

    As well as that, gameplay modes for the family will once again be included including one mode designed to be played like the critically acclaimed PES game for Wii, and another which will allow you to pass automatically (thus allowing playability for everyone).

    Though a Wii release wasn't expected this year due to poor sales with the previous edition, the new (actually good-looking) game in the popular football series will be released on October 3rd.

    >> View the new screens on the right.

News - New WiiWare Releases - DYCastle and WWGuns

posted 8 Aug 2008, 11:53 by Billy White   [ updated 8 Aug 2008, 11:56 ]

It's WiiWare week this week and so two new games have hit the Wii Shop Channel today. These games are Wild West Guns and Defend Your Castle.

Wild West Guns is an arcade style shooter set in (surprisingly enough) the Wild West. You'll have fun here shooting chariots, cowboys, tin cans and birds using either the Wii remote or Zapper controller. Plus, you can also play with a friend in co-op or versus modes to add more value to the game.

Defend Your Castle started out as a free PC flash game, but now you can enjoy protecting the castle walls on Wii. The aim is to prevent the stickmen attacking your castle in order to keep the thing from crashing in on itself. Stop the attackers by grabbing them with the A button and flinging them in the air, before they then fall to their death. To add extra depth, there's up to four players drop-in drop-out co-op mode, the feature that allows you to add people to your castles defense's and the addition of upgrading parts of your castle via the in game money.

Wild West Guns is currently only out in Europe (coming to US on Monday 4th August) whereas Defend Your Castle has been available in the US since the launch of WiiWare in mid-May. Wild West Guns costs 1000 points and Defend Your Castle is available for a mere 500. So far, WWG has had better reviews critically on several websites, but you can play a slightly downscaled flash version of DYC for free on their website anyway (it works on the Wii browser as well).

Features - Friday Feature - Game Sequels Vs Film Sequels

posted 8 Aug 2008, 11:51 by Billy White   [ updated 8 Aug 2008, 11:53 ]

With people often praising / loathing sequels to films and games, I thought it would be nice to compare the two types of entertainment and see what I thought of them

    Unlike films, I think that game sequels often work really well. Granted, some games such as Nights and (for some) Mario Kart have had their sequels frowned upon by fans and critics (I am of course reffering to the series' Wii counterparts here), but more often than not, I think that sequels often tend to improve on their originals. With obvious examples being Super Smash Bros Brawl and Sonic the Hedgehog 2, if you look closer there are many other games as well. Personal favourites of mine include Crash Bandicoot 3 for the PlayStation and Puzzle League for the DS. 

    Looking into the future, games seem to be improving on themselves even more (Guitar Hero World Tour; Tetris Party; Animal Crossing City Folk; Red Steel 2). 

    Why do sequels play better, though? I think it is because the game devs know (from reviews and fans comments) what parts of gameplay prove most and least popular so that they can alter bad parts of games and add in wanted features from fans (online modes, for example). Since games aren't as based around storylines and plots as movies are, this part of the formula can often be changed and go unnoticed, wheras if a films story is really bad and unbelievable, nobody will like the film. 

    Bad examples of sequels include more recent Sonic games where the formula and gameplay mechanics have been changed far too much. This means that the games are often completely different to originals and thus disliked by devoted fans. 

    Games I would have liked to see a sequel to included Eledees, but when a new game in the series was announced and it looked completely different to the original, it has already made me think twice about purchasing it. 

    Now all I want (that hasn't been officially announced) is a sequel to Elite Beat Agents. Disappointing sales (in the UK at least) may prevent this from happening though, despite it being a great game (same story for an Okami sequel). Sigh. (Although to be fair, sales rates didn't stop Trauma Center so maybe we'll get lucky).

Games - Thursday Review - Pac Man

posted 8 Aug 2008, 11:50 by Billy White   [ updated 12 Aug 2008, 10:06 ]

Virtual Console - NES | 1-2 Players (alternating) | Out Now | 500 Wii Points (£3.50 Online)
Controller compatability: Wii remote; Classic Controller; GameCube Controller

Who's never played Pac Man before? Honestly, now? Exactly. Everyone has played at least one form of the game, be it the original, a mobile phone version or a flash rip-off on the internet (talking of which...).

This NES version is Pac Man as we all know and love. He goes around that same grid collecting the same old pac dots making his usual "Wacca Wacca" sounds whilst running away from the ghosts (and then subsequently eating them with the help of a mega-dot.

All of the ghosts have their own personalities (some are cowardly and some are real chasers), and there is still the hidden skill required by the player to get further than the first three or four levels (all of which are the same but faster every time), but otherwise that's about it.

If you love Pac Man, then we'd recommend this (despite the controller sometimes not responding immediately) but since it is just the same old level over and over and over with some basic but not-very-enticing presentation, you'd probably be better off playing it online for free.

Final Score

Gameplay 8
Almost faultless gameplay in the game of hidden tactics
Presentation 7
Clear, suited style and easy to read, it's just a bit dull and lifeless
Enjoyment 3
If you're a Pac Man aficionado then you'll enjoy it. There just isn't much to it, really
Other 2
It's a great game, just very repetitive. Different level layouts would have made this better

Thursday Review - Guitar Hero On Tour Guitar Grip Controller

posted 8 Aug 2008, 11:48 by Billy White   [ updated 8 Aug 2008, 11:50 ]

THE FACTS: Guitar Hero On Tour - Guitar Grip Controller
DS | Red Octane | Out Now | RRP £39.99 (Packaged with Guitar Hero On Tour game)
Included: Guitar Hero On Tour DS game; Guitar Grip skin; plectrum stylus; two sticker sheets; adjustable hand strap (attached to Grip controller); small DS game protector case; original DS (non-lite) GBA adapter

When the DS version of popular music sim Guitar Hero was announced, the game wasn't the main talking point, but instead it was the controller that got fans and critics attention. This was understandable, especially since it was such a change to the traditional Guitar controller. What wasn't understandable though, was whether or not the new controller would work and function properly.

By viewing the thoughts of many critics across the internet, many initial opinions after having a go on the new game seemed to be that it was uncomfortable to play. After playing the game myself, I felt the same. I couldn't play more than 2 or 3 songs at once for a while until I got used to the controller because of the pain I got in my hand and wrist. Once I did get used to the controller though, I started to really enjoy the game and forget about the controller altogether because it began to feel a lot more natural.

That was when I forgot that the controller was actually plugged into my DS's Game Boy slot at the bottom, and all of a sudden it popped out just slightly. This meant I had to restart the whole system so it could register the controller again. This is a very big annoyance when it happens (although to be fair it doesn't happen that often), especially when you're at the end of a song and you then have to go through it again.

One final annoyance is that the buttons are smaller than those of the full sized Guitar Hero controllers and so if you have quite big fingers then you may have difficulty pressing the buttons during songs. This will be a rare occurrence though, and so I shan't worry about it too much.

With all the complaints I have made so far, you'd think I was going to rate the game at something like a 15/30, yet I haven't. "Why is this", I hear you ask. To be fair, you do get used to the controls after about half an hour and often begin to check that it isn't about to pop out of its slot after a few times of it happening, after which you do get used to it. It really does start to work, and at £30-£40, it isn't a bad piece of kit - now it's just the game length that's letting the grip down.

Final Score

Control / functionality 7
It certainly works, but is hard to use because of the hand position
Build / look 8
Very strong and well made, but could have been improved if it slotted in the GBA slot better 
Life 4
There is already a sequel planned for this Christmas so we shouldn't be left with no more songs for long
Value 4
For £30 (if you shop around) this is great value to say many standalone games are the same price

Blog - Bargain Alert

posted 8 Aug 2008, 11:39 by Billy White   [ updated 8 Aug 2008, 11:48 ]

Hiya, and welcome to my article o' bargains, where I will be letting you in on some of the best Nintendo offers available at the moment. (Click the links to open the webpage for purchasing those products)

(All offers are applicable to UK stores only, and this article is not for the purposes of advertising)

Offer Number 1: Argos

Buy any two £19.99 games for £30 (Wii)
Source: New Argos catalogue
Great offer, with many games to choose from. I myself got LSW and NMH in the offer just last Monday.

Offer Number 2: Game

Trade in Lego Star Wars on Wii for £20
Source: Game Summer Edition Trade-In Guide
With game trading getting worse and worse for trading-customers, finding some good deals nowadays is tough work (try to trade in Super Paper Mario for the Wii at Game and you'll find that you get offered just £3 trade at the moment - along with just £4 for Starfox Command (DS)). Now, though, you can trade in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Trilogy for £20 credit - which is not to be sniffed at if you're strapped for cash.

Combine the two above offers and what have you got? No More Heroes for £10 if you buy it with Lego Star Wars (and then trade it in for £20 at Game). This is what I did earlier this week, and with the £20 from Game I got myself a Wii Component Cable with a Wii Points Card for £8. Oh yeah.

Other top buys in stores now:

House Of The Dead 3 & 4 - Game - £14.99
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Argos.co.uk - £23.32

Remember, offers may change at any time - offers last checked by us when writing the article

News - New Sonic Wii-exclusive Adventure

posted 7 Aug 2008, 04:53 by Billy White   [ updated 7 Aug 2008, 03:57 ]

    A new Sonic adventure is to be released next year under the name Sonic and the Black Knight. The game is said to be the second in a series of "storybook adventures", the first one being Sonic and the Secret Rings (which was rather good).
    Wheras the first was based around the Arabian Nights, this game will be based around the tales of King Arthur, whom you have to defeat by becoming a knight as you progress the the levels. Throughout the game you also earn RPG style Knighthood points and buy new swords to upgrade your attack.
    You'll control the game by using the Nunchuck to guide Sonic and swingning the remote to swing, thrust and parry your sword. Apparantly there will also be 200 collectable items and an online mode to share them with friends.
    There are currently no images or videos but it sounds quite good so far.
    Sonic is also coming soon in Sonic Unleashed for Wii, and Sonic Chronicles on DS (both of which look rather good if you disregard the Werehog mode in Unleashed).

News - E3 - E3 To Return Next Year

posted 7 Aug 2008, 04:48 by Billy White   [ updated 7 Aug 2008, 04:00 ]

It has been made official: E3 IS going to appear again in 2009. How, though, we have no idea, as no new details have been announced. Hopes are high that E3 will return to its old self (E3 06 had 60,000 people turn up whereas the downsized event this year only got 5,000) due to the disappointment people had over this years event.

News - E3 - Publishers Have Their Say

posted 7 Aug 2008, 04:46 by Billy White   [ updated 7 Aug 2008, 03:50 ]

Not everyone was happy with this years E3 festival. By which we mean, hardly anyone was happy. You may think that this was just the core gamers that felt this way, but it appears that other major games publishers also feel the same way.
Laurent Detoc (Northa America's Ubisoft president) and John Riccitiello (EA's CEO to the San Fransisco Chronicle) have both sid that they hate E3 as it is this year, and wish that it could go back to its former glory (all big and popular, with good announcements). Apparantly, E3 currently costs too much to go ahead with such a small result compared to a few years ago, and Riccitiello also said that if E3 doesn't go back to how it was, publishers should just go and have their own seperate events instead.
Meanwhile, Nintendo still say that they do not feel the core gamer has been left out from the festival this year, and president Satoru Iwata has said that although he is sorry that some gamers weren't happy with the distinct lack of Mario or Zelda games, producing these games takes time and so he didn't think that now would be a good time to showcase anything new from these particular series. As well as Iwata, Cammie Dunaway (executive vice president or the "cheesy one" from the media briefing) says that Wii Music should not disappoint core gamers since it is "vintage Nintendo" in the way that it has taken something and turned it on its head to give it a new breath of life. She also made this crazy statement about the only known future Mario game, Mario Super Sluggers: "What core gamer doesn't love Mario and baseball and finding out which combination of characters are going to do what kind of crazy things in the field?". Well, there's us for starters...
In other news, Iwata has claimed that there may not be enough Wii's to atisfy demand for Christmas, and that the company are looking into more accepted alternatives to the current friend code system used for online play. Reggie Fills Aime has also stated that he would love to see GTA IV on the Wii, thus suggesting that something could happen in the future, since apparantly Nintendo and Take Two (who have recently declined an offer to let EA take over the company) are "good friends".

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