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Bit Boy - Exclusive First Details

It wasn't long ago when we reported on a teaser image sent out by Bplus, which held a secret message. That message was "WiiWare Bit Boy!!", and, intrigued, we decided to look into this further and find out what this actually meant.

    "It was always an ambition of us to create a retro game", says Bernd Gleiblinger, art director of the Austrian Nintendo developers, "but we never could agree on which videogame generation we should model the game after. In the end, we decided to cover all graphical styles of the past 30 years of videogame history in one single game."

    Bplus have certainly stopped at nothing here to ensure that Bit Boy!! is just like it's retro forefathers. "Our aim was to create a mirror to the past by imitating all the aspects of the previous generations in order to recreate their unique styles." Similar to Capcom, who released Mega Man 9 on WiiWare last year, Bplus have also decided to make sure that the game suffers from all the issues you would have found if the game was released during the specified times.

    "It was not easy to abide to all the technical weaknesses like low framerate, low resolution, limited colour palettes, low polygon count, effects or pixel fill rate of our favorite classic consoles; nevertheless I think we did a good job creating Bit Boy!!, since we played many of its games and greatly enjoyed them."

    The guys over at Bplus have decided to incorporate one of their favourite classic characters into their upcoming WiiWare title as well. "Kubi, the main character of Bit Boy!!, is one of our first heroes of Bplus. He did not only have a cameo appearance in our very first WiiWare title PLÄTTCHEN – twist 'n' paint but also was the maskot of a project in the GameClub.at-Fan-Community some years ago." Kubi the pixel was featured in the recent Bit Boy!! promotional image, and Bplus think that he suits this game very well. "As a Pixel, Kubi was the perfect choice for a retro game which includes more than just one graphic style."

    Bplus have confirmed to us that Bit Boy!! won't be replacing their upcoming game Vektor Tank, and instead, the three man team is working on both games simultaneously. The game won't be anything like their upcoming title though, and sounds more like their last game Niki Rock 'n' Ball, with the aim of each level being to wipe out the monsters in each level, whilst also trying to save your bit friends. That's where the similarities seem to end though, with one of the other main objectives being to gain a high score in each level. Unlike Niki, you also don't have to kill all the enemies in each level to continue, although it will help!

    "Each level is populated by evil monsters, who are holding your poor Bit Boy friends captive", explains Bernd. "Luckily, these monsters are not really bright, and this is why they never really know exactly where to find you. Watch out though, because you will lose a life when one bumps into you!" Hopefully though, that shouldn't complicate things too much. Although you will lose half your score and will restart the level as normal once all your lives have gone, Bernd assures us that it won't be too hard to carry on the game. "When you lose a life, you can immediately proceed to the point at which you confronted the monster, while all the other monsters will return to their positions." In addition to this, all the friends you've helped will still be safe with you.

    As stated before, the game features the graphics and gameplay of each different generation of gaming. The guys have incorporated a story into this as well, which involves a 4-Bit monster materialising in front of the present 128-bit Kubi. Kubi's cheerfulness sends the monster into a fit of rage as he and his henchmen take all of Kubi's friends into the past, where Kubi tags along in order to put things right again. "Kubi will travel through the 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit eras until he finally returns back to the 128-bit era. When you have rescued all your friends from a particular era, you can then access the next generation in the time travel via the main menu. "

    As part of what seems to be yet another gaming tradition, along the way you also have the ability to collect fruits, which appear throughout levels in numerous different places. "Each piece of fruit Kubi eats will boost both his vitamin level and his score", Bernd says, bringing us to the conclusion of this feature. Don't forget to look out for Bit Boy on the Wii Shop Channel soon, although Bernd doesn't have a specific release date or price as of yet.

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