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Helix - Miniature WiiWare Review

posted 25 Dec 2009, 08:06 by Billy White   [ updated 13 Feb 2011, 11:19 by Knuckles Sonic8 ]
WiiWare | Rhythm Action | Ghostfire Games | 1-2 Players (co-operative play) | Out Now - 1000 Nintendo Points

Laced with a funky feel, Helix is one of the few rhythm games on the WiiWare platform that serves as a strong contender for future releases in this genre. With presentation that resembles that of a visualizer on a computer, the game tasks players with following the movements of the on-screen robot by making gestures with the Wii Remote. Players play with two remotes at once (although you can play with a single controller, but it takes away most of the experience so doesn't come recommended), moving to the beat of some background music as they punch into the air, make spinning motions, and more. The idea of using two Wii Remotes at once may take some time to get used to, but you'll find that it does grow on you fairly quickly. The success of a concept like this is completely dependant on working controls and so it's a relief to find that the control recognition exceeds expectations. The game recognizes your movements very easily, even when playing songs with a faster BPM rate, and that's great to see.

    The game contains a great library of music, mostly consisting of songs belonging to the techno genre. If you're not a big fan of electronic/techno music, then you might want to stay away as 90% of the songs in the game belong to the aforementioned genre. For those that do like this kind of music, however, you'll find that the music quality is great, fused with infectious, tense-sounding backbeats. Not all songs are avaialble at the outset, though, so players will have to play the game a lot before they're able to see all of what the game has to offer. Players are able to play on three difficulty levels, Easy, Medium and Hard, and high-scores can be set on songs under each difficulty. There is a significant amount of replay value that exists in the game, not only in trying all of the routines on each difficulty but also in aiming for the highest grades possible.

Helix is definitely not for lazy gamers! The game really gets you moving to the point that you may even begin to sweat if you play long enough. Not only is the gameplay great for those who love rhythm games, but it can also serve as a great workout. If you enjoy games like Samba de Amigo, then it's likely that you'll enjoy this; Helix is also great for those that enjoy active games like Wii Fit but are looking for a more fun experience.

    It's been a long time since Ghostfire Games released Helix and it still holds up as a solid release. 1,000 Points may seem steep at first but for those that enjoy rhythm games, you really should give the game a go. Other than the basic presentation, the game has very few flaws to speak of, making it a worthwhile purchase. If you don't mind working up a sweat then definitely give Helix a try. We can only hope that Ghostfire Games will look into making a sequel to this great game! KnucklesSonic8

Gameplay 8/10 - Presentation 7/10 - Enjoyment 5/5 - Other 4/5
Equivalent to a score of 80% /