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NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits - Miniature WiiWare Review

posted 6 Dec 2009, 14:07 by Billy White   [ updated 13 Feb 2011, 11:16 by Knuckles Sonic8 ]
WiiWare | Platform / Adventure | Over the Top Games | 1-2 Player co-op | Out Now - 1000 Nintendo Points (Demo available)

When the WiiWare service first launched, it was already blessed with the fantastic LostWinds, a game which featured platforming and puzzling elements combined with the ability to control wind with the pointer of your remote, providing a fantastic, if short, experience. With NyxQuest, the developers have taken on a similar concept, allowing you to control and create paths of wind, move balls of fire and interact with the environment itself all with the Wii remote's pointer. These all combine to make some of the best puzzle/platform moments in gaming, but sadly the developers haven't quite managed to beat LostWinds at it's own game just yet.

    Sadly, the game lacks from several glitches in the gameplay, sometimes causing premature and unfortunate deaths, and other times leaving you with no way of moving. These can be overlooked, but do provide for some very annoying scenarios at times. In addition to this, the graphics also feel a bit lacking as well. Sure, their cel-shaded style fits really well with the Ancient Greek theme, but sadly some of the set pieces can begin to look really samey as you progress, and some background set-pieces can sometimes be easily confused with items in the foreground. This isn't to say that the game loses out to LostWinds in every possible way, though, since fans looking for more excitement or action in this than that of LostWinds will not be left disappointed, with plenty of quick thinking often required.

    The game also features co-op functionality, allowing an extra player to participate in trickier moments, something that proves to be a great advantage during certain sections. Overall, if you're looking for a new platformer on WiiWare, this will not leave you disappointed, although the style won't be for everyone.
 Billy White

Gameplay 9/10 - Presentation 8/10 - Enjoyment 4/5 - Other 5/5