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Wiiloveit.com Podcast - Episode One: Descent

posted 8 Jul 2009, 09:19 by Billy White   [ updated 11 Jul 2009, 07:44 ]
Episode Description

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here: our very own Wiiloveit.com Podcast! In our première episode, we have loads of great stuff waiting for you, such as KnucklesSonic8's news section, Murat's look at all the releases over the Summer, a look at our game of the show (Water Warfare), and some special guest appearances from Bernd Geiblinger of Bplus, and Alex Neuse from Gaijin Games (Bit.Trip). As well as that, James will be kicking off the show, and we've got a great selection of gaming tunes as well.
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Presenter: James Fluker
News: KnucklesSonic8;  Release List: Murat
Discussion / Hot Topic: Billy White / Joe Currie
Concept / script: Billy White
Editing / Music: KnucklesSonic8 and Billy White
Special Guests: Bernd Geiblinger (Bplus - Bit Boy!!) and Alex Neuse (Gaijin Games - Bit.Trip)

1: Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario 2007 - (Toy Time Galaxy)

2: Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Alpine Peak
After the introduction / before the news

3: Sonic Adventure
Dilapidated Way for Casinopolis
After the news / before the hot topic

4: Mega Man 9
Galaxy Man
After the hot topic / before the release list

5: Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Wrecking Crew Bonus Stage Remix
End of show