Our Aim

To give our readers top-quality Wii and DS reviews, features and other stories. We have our own scoring system that is unlike any other website or magazine. With every review, we strive to be fair and unbiased and ensure that they are also accurate. 
As a goal-oriented team, we're currently looking to expand our readership to draw in a wider audience. 

Site History

Wiiloveit first began in Autumn 2006. The launch of the Nintendo Wii was only a couple of months away, and so one person thought that he should spread the joyous word. This person, was Billy White (current manager, Wiiloveit.com). As a personal project to keep himself busy, he created a small handout of a mere eight pages, detailing the features and games of Nintendo's upcoming console. After it's immediate success amongst his friends and random onlookers, a further six "issues" were made, up until Summer of the following year.

It was from here that he instead chose to move on, taking the handout's name of Wiiloveit with him. He carried on work with a small website he had created in his spare time, this time focusing more on news rather than games. Using the simple Google Pages application, he'd tell the world about the wonderful world of Wii from his home computer and local library. This website, WiiloveitMagazine, was admittedly rather unpopular, and despite support from his friends Billy soon gave up trying as he tired of the same unreliable interface.

A little while later in Spring '08, Billy thought he'd start updating the 'site again. This time the scope would be bigger, with more information packed than before, but once again Google Pages wasn't co-operating. Later Billy discovered another new package Google were offering, Google Sites. This streamlined version of web editing software was much easier to work with and produced much better outcomes in terms of the site presentation and user-friendliness, so he set to work on a new version of WiiloveitOnline.

Admittedly it wasn't great, but for a new effort, Billy was happy. But there was something missing. He couldn't quite put his finger on it at first, but once he realised that not many people were going to easily find the site, he set to work on a completely new website: Wiiloveit.com. Armed with past experiences, and with the backing of Google Sites, he started to develop the website from August 2008 onwards, and with the help of a variety of new content, as well as the enlisting help of team members KS8 and Murat throughout 2009, a team effort helped create the site you see before you today.

Wiiloveit Team

Wiiloveit.com is currently run by five different individuals. Learn more about each of them on the Meet the Team page.
KnucklesSonic8    Head Reviewer & Editor
Jack    Contributor
Billy    Site Administrator & Founder
Odnetnin    Contributor
Patrick    Writer