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Behind the Podcast...

posted 25 Jul 2009, 08:29 by Billy White
You may not realise this, but creating each podcast takes a lot of effort from everyone involved. This series of features takes a look at how we make each and every podcast, from some of the smaller details to some of our big secrets. Look out for new posts on a regular basis.

Part one: Getting everyone together
Because everyone that works on the podcast lives across the world, with me and Joe in Yorkshire, England, Murat in London, James in America and KS8 in Canada. Obviously, this creates quite the problem of exactly how we are going to record the show, since it's very unlikely we'll all be free at the same time to record together. Plus, having a five way conversation over the internet would be damn near impossible, so instead, we all work on our own seperate segments. Of course, for the discussion segment we need to have a conversation going, which is where Mr Skype comes in, as with other features that require an active conversation between two people.
    So, everyone then records their part in their own spare time, as close to the deadline as possible. This still creates problems though, especially due to the difference in microphone quality and volume, which then has to be sorted out as well as possible later on. To sort this out, everyone then e-mails their clips to the person designated to editing the show up, and that's when the editing process begins...

Look out for future instalments looking at how the show is scripted and edited, where each episode's names originate from, how we started off the podcast and how each segment is created each episode.