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Competition: WIN Bit Boy!! for WiiWare

posted 2 Jul 2009, 05:01 by Billy White   [ updated 6 Jul 2009, 06:54 ]
  Bit Boy!!, the new retro-style game for WiiWare is due for a European launch on Friday July 3rd. To celebrate, we're giving away a gift of the game for one lucky winner. For your chance of winning the game, which we exclusively previewed last month, all you have to do is find a Blue image of the game's hero: Kubi. To the right, you can see an example of what you're looking for, and all you have to do is find the coloured picture hidden elsewhere on the site, click on it, and then fill in the form that appears to say where you found it.

    The competition is open until next Wednesday evening at 8pm (GMT+1 / BST), and anyone can enter, as long as you've got a European or North American Wii. We'll then filter through the list of winners and pick one at random, so it doesn't matter when you find Blue Kubi, as long as it's before the closing date, and you've got as much chance as everybody else. Watch out though, and keep checking the 'site, because until the closing date, Purple and Green coloured Kubi's will be scattered across the website, and if you find any of these, you can have an extra chance at winning the prize!

UPDATE: Word is that the purple Kubi is currently hiding somewhere across the website. Find him for an extra chance at winning, if you can! The green Kubi still can't be found though, it seems.

UPDATE TWO: Green Kubi has been spotted hiding across the 'site! That's all three of them, then, it seems. Look out for him! In a second update, see below for an update to the rules of the competition.

    Good luck with the competition, and don't forget to keep a lookout for all our different coloured Kubi's over the next few days for your chance to win Bit Boy!! on WiiWare.

Note: Wiiloveit reserves the right to change the prize, closing time or rules at any point, but we'll make the competition as fair as possible. Entries can be for any and as many of the different coloured Kubi's, and they may change position across the website before the closing date. If any of your details (not including name) are incorrect, we may remove your entry from the contest.

Bit Boy!! is out on WiiWare in Europe on July 3rd for 600 Nintendo Points, and in North America soon after.
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