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New Blogs, New Logo, New News...

posted 30 Jun 2009, 13:03 by Billy White
Note: all links in this feature open in a new tab / window, so that you can check out the new features and then return to the rest of the article with ease.

There's been a lot of revamps for the 'site recently, and whilst there isn't enough time to talk about everything here, I can share with you the biggest updates.

First of all, there's the snazzy new logo, with the "Home" design edited to look snazzier. The home logo will be replaced with different images in future, and we hope you like it a lot better than our old logo, although we're still toying around with the caption.

Second, there's been several new indexes added. First of all, there's the easier to browse news index displaying the latest stories by week, and the ability to link directly to each articles easily. There's also a massive new news archive which currently has on display EVERY news story EVER posted on the 'site, all in one handy list on one handy page. In addition to these, there's also the improved features archive and interviews pages, which display classic articles in an easier-to-read fashion.

Third, there's been lots of new blog updates recently, as well as the addition of Murat and James' blogs. Don't forget to check them all out, and you can always view the brand new "Meet the Team" page for a look at what everyone's playing, how to get in contact with each member, and their latest blog posts all in one handy page. Coming soon, there's also gonna be a complete blog listing, like with the news archive, so look out for that.

Fourth, there's our new announcements and tournament pages, listed in the sidebar so you can quickly check out what's been added to the site recently, and when you can play with us in future. Upcoming events are also displayed on the home page, as can currently be seen with our Conduit banner, as part of our home page's new redesign, which allows readers to read the opening few lines of an article before skipping to read the whole thing.

We hope you like the new design and features, and we've got more for you in the upcoming weeks, including a great new feature which all the team is working on, that we know you're gonna love.