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New Design - Phase One

posted 19 Aug 2009, 07:35 by Billy White
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If you've been following our twitter, you'll no doubt have spotted that we've got a new design on the way, particularly covering the home page, however alongside this, we're also going to update the design of the whole site. We've been doing this over the past few months with things such as the new Games page, the Review Index and the news pages that list our ten most recent articles (rather than featuring all articles per month on one buggy page). Well, the first part of our new design is here, and comes in the form of our new review pages.

    Our old review pages, such as this Snowboard Riot review, featured all the game's primary details that you could find on the back of the box at the top of the page, and then our in-depth ratings system along the bottom. In addition to this, you could also view all the Wiiloveit features of a particular game on a seperate page (like with this Niki Rock 'n' Ball page), with links to interviews, screenshots and videos, and the review itself. Since then, we've eradicated the need for these separate pages, and are now implementing all the games details and 'site-wide links in one small space at the bottom of each review. In future, we may expand this idea by adding the means of viewing screenshots and videos on the same page instead of seeing the need to expand into separate pages for these.

    In addition to this new feature, we've also been implementing a new rating system design. The system itself is still going to stay the same, but the way it's set out has changed, which you may have noticed over the past few months. The design shows all the information in a more compact space that's still nice and easy to read and understand, and does the job a lot better than the old, chunky design.

Old design

New design

    Depending on the amount of text used, the look of the ratings description may sometimes fit into a smaller space, but this ultimately depends on the review in question and how much detail is required. You can also see that the "Bookmark" icon has gone, since this is visible in the sidebar of every page now anyway. EDIT: After the screenshots were taken, but before this article was uploaded, we implemented the bookmark feature back into the design. We have now also made the "How we rate games" icon smaller so it doesn't annoy users who use the 'site often, but so it is still visible and easy to find for newer readers.

    In the new design, you can also see our first implementation of advertising, which we chose to position at the bottom of the page because we didn't want it to interfere with the article in any way.

    The new design isn't over, though, with a new look homepage on the way. We'll open the page very soon for your opinions so you can let us know what you think about it, and what can be improved. As well as this, we've also got our new "Features" page to complete the design process, which now shows the latest features along the top of the page, and our classic features along the bottom.

Note: remember that we are constantly editing and morphing the design of the 'site to improve the quality of the pages, so all design features talked about in this article are subject to change.