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New Podcast!

posted 10 Jul 2009, 13:33 by Billy White   [ updated 11 Jul 2009, 05:35 ]
You may have noticed that here at Wiiloveit, our biggest new reveal of recent is the brand new Podcast! The podcast, which launched today, Friday 10th July 2009, isn't like your average gaming podcast, and features a unique mixture and enticing selection of features in the space of half an hour. The whole team takes part in the show, which features thoughts about the latest games, hot topics, news highlights, release lists and a selection of music from classic and modern games from Nintendo consoles. This combination of features is what makes our podcast so special, and whilst it has only just begun, we plan on making it even better in future.

    There are a couple of issues with everyone living in different parts of the world though, and Joe was a bit ill this week, so the Hot Topic with him was actually done over the telephone, but after listening back on the first show, this has allowed us to address any particular problems we may have had, and improve on them for our next show (a promise that I intend to keep). A lot of work has gone into giving this show the go-ahead and putting the first show together though, which is one reason the website hasn't been updated quite as often recently, and whilst we could've spent a long while longer editing it all up to make it better, we decided to unleash it on the internet instead, and focus our work on the website and the next episode, rather than staying around with the current one.

    Another problem we're having is with the hosting website. At the moment, paying for a dedicated podcast hosting website isn't possible, and as you can tell, Wiiloveit features absolutely no advertising whatsoever that we gain revenue from, and rather than spam our readers with animated pictures inviting people to lose fat, get a girlfriend and have their teeth whitened, we're looking for a sponsor for the show who'll pay our $12 a month for the service. Not every month if you can't, but if you're reading this and want to help out, it would be more than appreciated.

    Things to look forward to in our first show include a look at our game of the show Water Warfare, a discussion about how retro styles are making a comeback in games, and contributions from special guests Alex Neuse from Gaijin Games and Bernd Geiblinger from Bplus. We hope you enjoy the show, titled "Descent" (a reference both to the opening level of the Bit.Trip series, which we talk about in the show, and our own descent into the world of podcasting) and if there's anything you do or don't like, PLEASE get in touch with us, whether you're being nice, constructive, or just plain mean, by e-mailing or using the online contact form. We'd also love to hear your questions for the team, which we'd like to answer alongside our "what we've been playing" part of the introduction.

    Well, until the next time, we hope you enjoy the podcast, and can't wait to hear your thoughts! We're hoping the show will be out every two weeks on a Friday, but if it's any later, then that's us still ironing out the kinks!

Billy White
Website Overlord

PS: In the show, it mentions that you can check out reviews of Bit Boy!! and Water Warfare, but due to time restrictions, these have been postponed. Apologies to Bplus and Hudson.