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The month that was... July

posted 31 Jul 2009, 13:27 by Billy White
Website highlights from the past month...

July has been quite the big month on the 'site, despite a rather larger amount of un-activity than usual when it comes to new content such as reviews. Don't worry, though, we've got loads to kick off August, but first, time to look back...

Billy's Blog
Bit Boy!! released - Billy features in the credits
Bit Boy!! was released at the start of July, and I myself (Billy White) was lucky enough to appear in the credits, as shown in my blog. Shortly after, I revealed my review of the game which I considered to be quite the addictive little arcade / retro style action game, which I then awarded a 24/30 to. During this month, we also held our Bit Boy!! competition, which was won by "Jason Philips" from America.

My laptop sent off for repair
More of a lowlight, if anything, but my lappy was sent for repair earlier in the month for a couple of weeks, during which I tried to cross items off my list of fun over on my blog, and successfully failed at meeting my objectives.

KnucklesSonic8's Blog
Surveys and downloadable goodness
KS8's blog was packed full of different surveys that he filled in for Club Nintendo this month, as he reached over fifty posts in total! In addition to this, he also continued his predictions of upcoming WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console releases for the weekly Nintendo Download. A more unique post, though, was in the form of his angry e-mail to Nintendo here, where he expressed his unhappiness with America not recieving Virtual Console downloads recently.

Murat's Blog
This month, Murat continued his top 25 Wii game countdown consisting of the most anticipated games due out in future. By the end of July, he had reached number five in his countdown (Super Mario Galaxy 2) - and only has the final four left... any guesses? Check out the current list here.

This month we launched our very own Podcast, complete with music, news, release lists, reviews and discussion. We're still trying to sort out the microphone issues and make it a more enjoyable listen, so don't forget to keep listening each episode as we improve it here and there. So far, we've got our first two episodes online, which you can listen to on the podcast page, or by subscribing to us on iTunes (just search for Wiiloveit). Also don't forget that our highlights are available on YouTube. In addition to this, don't forget to look out for our "Behind the podcast" series looking at how we produce each individual episode.

Hudson Interview
This month, we also had our greatest interview yet, this time with the WiiWare champs Hudson, developers of such titles as Bomberman Blast, Onslaught, Water Warfare and My Aquarium. We asked them all about their take on the WiiWare service and DSiWare, before questioning them on every single one of their WiiWare games currently available, whilst taking a look at Military Madness as well. Although they refused to comment when we asked them what "that's why you're still a kid" means, it's a darn good read. Here's part one, and part two.

Toki Tori
And finally, how can we forget to mention the special Toki Tori design we've had done to show off the game as part of the Toki Tori promotion contest. We didn't win, but we still did a cracking good job in our eyes in what took me two solid days to put together. We're soon reverting back to the normal design, but below is a picture of how it looked at the time. In addition to the makeover, we also made the design for twitter, and made a special exclusive Toki Tori wallpaper for you to download for yourselves. Basically, we really like the game and think it's not only well worth a purchase, but also worth spending hours of boredom and frustration trying to get the special designs to work how I wanted them to.

Anyways, it's been a good month, but hopefully August should be even better - don't forget to look out for some new features, reviews and much more, alongside some new video recording features which I tested out earlier this month with some footage of the Wii Shop Channel's most popular games, which you can see here on WiiloveitTV.

Here's to the next 31 days!
Billy White
Website Overlord