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Toki Tori Makeover

posted 6 Jul 2009, 05:41 by Billy White   [ updated 20 Jul 2010, 20:24 by Knuckles Sonic8 ]
If you're reading this, you have probably seen our special design recognizing the great Toki Tori for WiiWare. The game, which we reviewed last year and gave a stunning 27/30 to, has recently celebrated it's WiiWare anniversary and iPhone releases, and we felt it was only necessary that we did the best we possibly could do to recognise the game itself. That is why we went all out to jazz up the site and give readers a Toki Tori overload, hopefully getting the message across about the great title.
    The background was designed by myself, and so were all the little details such as the grass technique from the game's first set of levels entitled Forest Falls, to the dazzling explosion of eggs in the bottom right corner of the screen, and the twist on our slogan to say "Dairy" instead of "Daily" Nintendo Goodness. We've also changed our logo to include the chicken instead of the "Home" icon you'd normally expect, and completely changed from our traditional blue colour scheme to a dazzling orange and yellow style, changing links, the background design and so on...

    If you can't see the design properly however, or are reading this in a few weeks time when the design should've reverted back to normal, below is a screenshot of the home page for your delight, which, as you can see, also looks at our review of the game, and our similarly designed twitter page.

If you can't remember what our designs looked like in the past, compared to now, here's a little background comparison...

Original background design
New, Toki Tori background design

And it doesn't stop there, we've also gone and updated our twitter page to fit with the design as well! Our design used to include the same background as the website, but we've changed everything again so that it looks like this:

As you can see, the design there also incorporates a similar colour scheme and design. Little things were tweaked for the version of the background here on the 'site, such as the background colours to make it more yellow and fit in with a few problems we were having with image transparency, and the removal of some eggs for the same reason. We also changed the logo's to fit nicely between the sidebar and the side of the screen as well, which wouldn't have worked correctly if we just stuck with the exact same design.

    Since the original background design was designed to fit on a 1280x800 size screen, we thought it would only be fair if we designed a couple of special wallpapers for you guys to try out yourselves, both of which are available to download below in their original resolution.

Download design one        |        Download design two

And with that, we leave you to revel in our new design for a little while longer, and don't forget to try out the new wallpaper designs for yourself as well, and don't forget to see that all-important review!

Toki Tori is now available for download on both WiiWare (via the Wii Shop Channel) and the App Store.

Billy White -
This was our entry for the Toki Tori Promotion Contest