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The Conduit - Online Battle Royale

posted 30 Jun 2009, 13:01 by Billy White   [ updated 15 Jul 2009, 07:35 ]

UPDATE: Sincere apologies, but due to reasons beyond my control, the tournament has been postponed a further week to July 25th. All other details remain the same.

We've all heard of The Conduit by now: the first "proper" online FPS game for the Wii, due out soon from High Voltage Software. Well, we thought we'd take advantage of the online mode by hosting our very own wi-fi battle evening. We'll play through different modes over a couple of hours, where anyone who has the game is allowed to join in!

    We haven't got specifics ready regarding what we are exactly going to be doing until nearer the time, however what we do know is that we will be able to have up to twelve players in total, the first being myself, and the remaining eleven spaces being for whoever joins us first. If demand is really popular, then we will instead have two games going, one run by myself, and the other by another of the team members.

    Of course, in order to play, you'll need to register my friend code so that I can start up a room for you to join. Therefore, at least 24 hours before, I will ensure that my friend code is posted right here, and will set up a form for you to send in your own. Once again, anyone can join, and once you have registered my friend code, you also have the opportunity to register anyone else in the game as a friend without having to note down ten more numbers, thanks to the "friend of a friend" system that High Voltage included - handy, huh? Plus, thanks to this system, everyone will be able to chat with each other via Wii Speak (if you have the accessory, that is - although it is not a required necessity if you want to play).

Below are the basic details of the tournament, alongside the list of times that the tournament will be in process...

Saturday July 25th 2009
Time 7pm UK time (BST/GMT+1); 2pm Eastern North America (EDT); 1pm Central time North America (CDT); 10am PDT
How long 2 hours (although you don't have to play all the time if you can't, since that will allow more people to join in)
Who can play Anyone! As long as your one of the first eleven people who appears in our roster, you can play!
Our friend code 5327-9102-7109 - register this and send us yours in order to play the game

Full details of which modes we will be playing will go online nearer the date. In the meantime, don't forget to register our friend code as well, and all friend codes sent to us will be registered, so we'll become friends in no time! If you have any queries at all about the tournament, though, don't forget to say so in the form below.

    If you're not interested in our Conduit tournament, don't forget to check back in future for more tournaments on a variety of other games, and if our first Conduit tourney goes well, we'll probably do a second one as well.

The Conduit Online Battle Royale - E-mail Notification

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