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Wiiloveit's Best of Nintendo Awards: 2009 - Nominations

posted 8 Jan 2010, 14:08 by Billy White   [ updated 10 Jan 2010, 12:27 ]

Today we're here to introduce a brand new feature to the site - the annual Best of Nintendo Awards. These awards, which kick off purposefully after the December holidays are well over, are designed to show a fair representation of our reader's opinions when it comes to 2009's gaming scene on Nintendo consoles.

    Today we unveil the nominations process, which simply involves entering the name of any game you wish to hopefully reach the final stage of voting. The choices available range in their hundreds due to the vast number of games across the Wii and DS platforms, both in retail and as downloadable purchases, which is why we're allowing each and every game a fair chance at reaching the final stage (which will involve a much shorter list, customized to each individual award).

    Enough chit-chat for now, though - if you wish to participate, simply fill in the boxes below with your choices, and let us know what we should include in the final lists. Each and every vote is considered, so the more categories you slap a game in, the better!

Best of Nintendo: 2009 - Nominate!