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chick chick BOOM Goes Retro!

posted 22 Apr 2011, 06:50 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 22 Apr 2011, 11:54 ]
Yesterday, I received a nice email from Bogac of tons of bits, announcing that the chick chick BOOM website had undergone a makeover to commemorate the launch of the original Flash game. 

Sometimes games appear from nowhere but they still have a history. This applies to our WiiWare title chick chick BOOM as well. We want to reveal its hiStory. If you want to see how chick chick BOOM started in its very origin you can play now the retro version online for free.

chick chick BOOM was created as a flash game for Easter time in 2007 and what could be better than relaunching the original version now :)

From the egg to the chick - a journey in time and development.

Have fun and we hope that this is an interesting insight to game development as you can see, feel and play the progress from the past to the present.

Happy Easter!

Naturally, as a fan of the WiiWare game, I didn't hesitate to go and check it out!

Initially, I played using the default team, but then I realized you can actually change the name of both the team and each of the individual chicks (something you can't do in the WiiWare version). So then I thought to myself, "Why not make this more personalized?" Let's see what happens when everyone goes against the Site Overlord.... /cue evil laugh

Aside from getting used to using the mouse to play the game, I didn't find the Retro version of chick chick BOOM to be that big of an adjustment from the WiiWare one. Many of the elements that made it into the final release were featured in the original game, however there are some differences. For instance, each attack and defensive ability only has one upgrade that goes into effect when your drawing matches 80% or higher. Additionally, two of your starter defensive moves actually allow you to direct the chicks using "greater than" and "less than" signs. I found the game was picky to accept my drawings of these two outlines, but seeing the chicks congregate in one area definitely came in handy for dodging weights and bombs.

After one full round, it turns out we dominated over Billy's Clones. But it didn't end there. No, the leader of Team Overlord was grinding their teeth preparing for a revenge plot...

The next two rounds added in the cloud element, which created both rain and thunder. The drizzle of rain would cause health-restoring earthworms to pop up from the ground and it would also diffuse bombs if it passed over them. Once the thunder element comes into the picture, you'll either use it offensively against your opponent, or defend your chicks against the evil counters that your opponent sends your way. 

We put up a good fight, even upgrading the lightning rod to save ourselves from being obliterated, but Team Overlord just wouldn't back down... 

I think this game taught me a valuable lesson: never cross paths with the Site Overlord. But then again, I think that's something we knew already. ;)

You too can play the Retro Version of chick chick BOOM for free by heading to the official website!