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Five years of

posted 6 Aug 2013, 11:38 by Billy White   [ updated 6 Aug 2013, 11:52 ]
Hello, I’m Billy White, founder of, and today I’m here in celebration of an incredible milestone in the site’s history.

Let’s take a step back to August 2008 -- specifically, this day five years ago. As I registered the domain name for, sculpted the original design and typed the website’s first words, I had no idea what was in store for its future. In essence, it was a pet project that ended up embarking on an unexpected, eventful journey.

While we may not have had the mainstream commercial success of larger websites, we’ve still achieved some great things over the years and through it all retained the mission and integrity that spurred on the foundation of the site. To this day we still stand by our mantra, promoting honest coverage of independent and mainstream Nintendo games without featuring intrusive ads or seeking profit.


We’ve amassed a total of 670 game reviews and over 50 exclusive Q&As with developers and publishers, enlisted a quarter of a million unique viewers and four million YouTube hits, while drawing the attention of fan communities and even entertainment behemoth IGN.

I’m very, very proud of everything has achieved, particularly since what began as a solo side-project was later embraced by a dedicated team fronted by the remarkably insightful KnucklesSonic8, whose efforts made the site what it is today and to whom I'll always be thankful.

Therefore, it is with regret that I’m announcing the closure of All our existing content will remain intact so you can still peruse the archives and revisit old favourites, but we will no longer be uploading new material.

I’d like to take this moment to emphasise that everything produced for the website over the years has been immensely appreciated. With that in mind, extra special thanks go to Patrick, Jack, Daan, Maxwell, Murat and James for all their contributions, and I wish them all every success in their future endeavours. Finally, we’d all like to thank our fans, loyal readers, developers, industry contacts and everyone else that has believed in us. Your support has been encouraging, heartwarming and invaluable, and it’s been our pleasure to have you accompany us on our journey.

Thanks for playing,

Billy White