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posted 14 Aug 2011, 08:25 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 14 Aug 2011, 08:29 ]
14th August 2011; By Patrick

Group therapy time: I have a problem. My gaming backlog, or "Pile of Shame" as some call it, has piled up to an unreasonable length lately. You can find it here. (Please note that this is my multi-platform one.) It might be because I’m constantly moving on to the next thing or am busy with the rest of my life, but this generation especially, my backlog is off the charts.

I’m wondering... what are your thoughts on the backlog, and how long is yours? It could even just be one game (though that'd be amazing) that you haven't completed yet for whatever reason but keep meaning to finish. I’d be interested in hearing all of your thoughts! Email me at and let me know!