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Doodling with the Mario Drawing Song

posted 10 Dec 2010, 12:37 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 10 Dec 2010, 12:52 ]
10th December 2010; By Jack

With Nintendo’s premier plumber turning 25 this year, there have been a fair share of celebrations and promotions, from exclusive console bundles, to the re-release of a classic compilation. While undoubtedly that stuff is rather spiffy, what caught Team Wiiloveit’s interest the most was Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Flipnote contest. In particular, the promotional Flipnote Nintendo created to help users learn how to draw Mr. Mario himself.

While our Flipnote skills may not be good enough to win Nintendo’s contest, with such an annoyingly catchy song stuck in our heads we felt we had to have a go and try our own Mario creations using Flipnote Studio & Art Academy.

Jack's First Doodle Jack's Second Doodle

KS8's First Doodle KS8's Second Doodle

Billy's Doodle

Nintendo has released the winning entries for the Japanese version of this contest, which you can check out over here. While we may not be the best artists, we had a lot of fun drawing our mushrooms, eggs and, of course, the little bird too. If you also have the Mario Drawing Song stuck in your head we would love to see your own Mario doodles. Email them to KnucklesSonic8 & we’ll feature them at a later date. We hope you enjoyed our attempts at immortalizing Mario!