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Wiiloveit Riidesigned

posted 19 Dec 2011, 11:33 by Billy White   [ updated 19 Dec 2011, 12:09 ]
I'd like to start this blog post by apologising for the awful pun in the title. The name "Wii" was first revealed in April of 2006, over five and a half years ago, but I still manage to make awful little jokes based on the name. I'm aware of how childish said habit really is, but now that I've written it, I don't want to change it.

    However, the point of the title isn't the "joke" (if it can be called that). No, surprisingly enough, the point of the title is to briefly explain what this post is actually about. Which is our rii- sorry, redesigned site. If you're a frequent visitor of Wiiloveit, you'll no doubt remember our previous background, with the vivid blue design embedded with large flowing Wii-style rings. Well, after sticking by that design for a while now, we've decided it's time for a change.

    The new site design, which we're officially launching today, incorporates a new, slimmed down logo and eyecatching Nintendo-style Wii and DS icons, and keeps the focus on the content. We've also got new style banner images and the inclusion of a footer across every page, which incorporates links to our social networking profiles and later this week, the introduction of advertising banners.

    Despite being active for almost three and a half years now, we've stayed away from featuring ads on the site, because we know how annoying they can be, and we've had no interest in profiting from the site (we already get paid in the currency of love from our readers), but we've decided to give ads a trial run to see how well they work on the site, and to make sure we don't encounter a time where we are no longer able to continue running the site due to costs. For everyone's benefit though, they'll be out of the way at the bottom of the page, and won't intrude upon content, so if you're not a fan of ads, you can easily browse the site without such distractions spoiling your browse.

    Back to the background, the new style has been designed with a couple of other things in mind - mainly speed, and compatability. The old background wasn't very effective for those with lower resolution screens, and was distracting and had weird cut off points for those with larger ones. This one has been kept slim and should suit any size screen, and due to its size, should also keep bandwith usage and loading times down to a minimum!

    We hope you appreciate the changes we've made to the site, and if you have any comments at all, feel free to contact us here. We'll continue tweaking a few other aspects of the site design over the next few days, so any thoughts that can help us on our way are always appreciated!