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The Conduit - Weapon Hints & Tips

posted 26 Oct 2009, 10:16 by Murat @Wiiloveit   [ updated 26 Oct 2009, 10:17 by Billy White ]
If you're one of those few people that own The Conduit, you may have already acquainted yourself with the weapons and how they work. There may even be times when you believe the weapons your using aren't as lethal as you'd expect them to be. Some weapons may even give you the impression they're underpowered. In this blog post I will explain which weapon sets work perfectly with which weapon combinations (if any) or single run in close, far and centred distance combat from the target.
> Secondary Weapon: The secondary weapon would be the suggested second weapon in your disposal during the specified combat or endurance.
> Preferred Secondary Weapon: The preferred secondary weapon is my choice of weapons throughout a specific match, start till finish.
> Success Rate: How successful the tip will be. This percentage varies depending on how accurate you are with the aiming and how quick your turning speed is set to. The current percentage is based on an average players capabilities and turning speed.
The Conduit Online by you.
Around and around it goes. When will it stop? Nobody knows (besides the person who dies)
CLOSE COMBAT: Face to face or within footsteps with the enemy
> SPAS Shotgun + Radiation Grenade
The most effective weapon to use in close combat is the Shotgun accompanied with Melee. However, melee doesn't always work since the enemy can always turn around you, walk through you or run around you to avoid a second round from your shotgun. The best thing to do at times is throw a radiation grenade. The single burst round from your shotgun will leave the opponent heavily wounded, the after-effect from your radiation grenade will leave them immobilized, giving you the single kill you desire. You can even rack up multiple kills if you manage to stick a radiation grenade on two enemies which could even grasp a few more kills if the enemies go through or near their allies. Even if you do die, you can rest assured that you'll kill both of them giving you a double kill.
Secondary Weapon: Sub-Machine Gun (Switch to Sub-machine gun instead of reloading to save time)
Preferred Secondary Weapon: Sub-Machine Gun
Success Rate: 82%
> Deatomizer + Charge
The Deatomizer can be quite lethal if the fired energy balls aren't colliding with any on-field obstacles. If you manage to spiral all three energy balls around the enemy, you can gain a direct kill. Try to get close to an enemy (obviously not too close) and make sure the three energy balls are in synch with one another as you fire them. Line up the shots accordingly by the reticle and release the trigger. If you think the energy balls will collide with the wall or other obstacles, twist the Wii Remote to redirect the energy balls vertically or horizontally. Once you do fire the energy bursts and think you've taken them down, continue to fire until you gain the kill because sometimes one of the energy balls orbiting the enemy can collide into the wall or other on-map obstacles.
Secondary Weapon: USP45 Pistol
Preferred Secondary Weapon: USP45 Pistol
Success Rate: 86%
> TPC Launcher + Flash Grenade
If you can aim the TPC Launcher accurately and have a good throwing distance between you and the enemy, I'd suggest you fire away with it. Make sure you take down the enemy before the enemy takes you down because some players tend to go trigger happy once they're blinded for a few seconds, eventually killing you instead. It's happened to me several times and has slowly become the least of my worries throughout the game. Also, make sure not to blind yourself with the flash grenade. The TPC Launcher is a dangerous weapon as the energy would bounce off of walls or grounds which would also kill you if you go on it.
Secondary Weapon: Hive Cannon
Preferred Secondary Weapon: SCAR Assault Rifle (Always carry a far range weapon alongside a close combat weapon)
Success Rate: 88%
> USP45 Pistol + Frag OR Sub-Machine Gun + Frag
The human weapon set boasts some of the most lethal weapons if they're used accurately and at the right times. Most of the human weapons are most efficient if combined with additional fire power. While the Shotgun is most effective with the radiation grenade or melee, the pistol and sub-machine gun is best with the frag. As you notice you're being followed or someone is about to make an appearance from a door or exit a building, throw a frag their direction followed by a burst of rounds. You are guaranteed kills if your throw the frag precisely and shoot accurate.
Secondary Weapon: Sub-Machine Gun OR USP45 Pistol
Preferred Secondary Weapon: SPAS Shotgun
Success Rate: 100%
The Conduit Online 2 by you.
This person likes to show off to the camera
CENTERED COMBAT: A fairly good distance between you and the enemy or within radar range
> SMAW Rocket Launcher - Ignore Reloading
Everyone familiar with first-person shooters are aware of how a rocket launcher works. You aim, press the trigger and reload for 5-8 seconds. However, reflexes are extremely important when it comes to harnessing a rocket launcher. For example, once you turn the corner there's always someone there that'll blow you to pieces. If you can be quick enough to fire just beneath their feet or directly into their face, you would gain a vicious kill and survive if you can do it before them. Make sure to jump from side to side to avoid major wounding. If there aren't any other enemies nearby you'll most likely regain your health in a few seconds. Additional health packs could also make the process a lot more efficient. If you fired towards the wrong direction or the enemy is still standing, forget reloading and change weapons or toss a grenade. It is a lot more faster and efficient. By the way, I wouldn't recommend using a SMAW for far combat since its pretty much useless 85% of the time. Firing the SMAW from one end of the corridor to the other in Sanctum is pretty much useless since everyone runs to a corner and reloads at the same time. You and your enemy have enough time to move about before the rocket impacts. However, you can easily cut someone off if they're running to get to the other side. There are times where you land in a kill, but other times it doesn't work.
Secondary Weapon: Sub-Machine Gun (Don't wait for the SMAW to reload, change to Sub-machine gun for rapid results)
Preferred Secondary Weapon: TPC Launcher
Success Rate: 97%
> Warp Pistol & Rebounding Bullets
The Warp Pistol is a very unique weapon because the bullets rebound off of walls. The longer you charge it, the more bullets it sends flying from wall to wall. This can be used for both close and centred combat. In close combat, you can deflect the bullets around walls if the enemy is hiding behind walls. In centred combat, if you charge it long enough you can gain an instant kill if you aim the reticle on the head and are certain you'll take a kill. The bullets of the Warp Pistol tends to divide on impact with a wall or mid-way from a far distance.
Secondary Weapon: Hive Cannon
Preferred Secondary Weapon: USP45 Pistol
Success Rate: 62%
> Hive Cannon + Frag
The Hive Cannon alone delivers a rapid and heavy blow since it fires drudge aliens at the enemy at a rapid rate. However, the Hive Cannon doesn't have a massive damage rate which will mean you need a good resource of frags at your disposal. Search for human ammo boxes to replenish your arsenal and show em' who's the boss.
Secondary Weapon: USP45 Pistol
Preferred Secondary Weapon: TPC Launcher
Success Rate: 78%
> MK7 Carbonizer + Flash Grenade
Again, this is a weapon that may require some additional fire power. If you blind the enemy with a flash grenade, they'd be going trigger happy. Move to a side and cook him up. You'll take him/her down before the flash effect wears off. Also, don't forget to change your weapon if you believe you're about to die. The Carbonizer could be a deadly weapon in the hands of different players, especially those who are more experienced. Since you don't spawn with a Carbonizer, you can be cruel and just remove the weapon from the game by changing your weapon before dying. The match will go on without the carbonizer for a few minutes or sometimes the entire match.
Secondary Weapon: Sub-Machine gun
Preferred Secondary Weapon: Sub-Machine Gun
Success Rate: 77%

TCSCRNBLG2 by you.
If you see them vulnerable, TAKE THE KILL!!!!

FAR RANGE: The enemy is far away from you
> Patience With The SCAR Assault Rifle
If you're the average "Run n' Gun" player, the SCAR might not be your ideal weapon. However, if you are committed to losing a few seconds waiting for your prey, the SCAR would be the most lethal weapon you'll harness. With its zoom feature, it allows you to see enemies at a distance. If you can aim the reticle on the targets head and send off two to three bursts of rounds, you will instantly grab the kill. Make sure to also use your environments as cover, especially if you're playing with the Near/Far weapon sets.
Secondary Weapon: Strike Rifle (To obtain instant kills with headshots)
Preferred Secondary Weapon: SPAS Shotgun (The SPAS + Frag is very useful once the enemies get within close range)
Success Rate: 90%
> Strike Rifle
The only time you'll find the Strike Rifle useful is when you have a clear aim at the enemies head from one side to the other. It is used rarely in close combat and can be very effective in centred combat. Aiming at the body or legs would require additional fire which would mean you'll miss your target if they're moving about or hiding behind cover. Getting used to the strike rifle takes a while since its a charge weapon, especially while zoomed in and the reticle vibrates slightly. Don't worry though, a few attempts on the single player campaign and you'll be ready to rack up a few solid kills.
Secondary Weapon: SCAR Assault Rifle
Preferred Secondary Weapon: SPAS Shotgun
Success Rate: 85%
> Shrieker
The Shrieker is the alien weapon that can be seen as the human rocket launcher. The good think about the Shrieker is that you control where the bullets fly off to. Once you press the trigger it'll fire three radioactive balls. If you manage to impact all three on the target, you'll gain an instant kill.
Secondary Weapon: Hive Cannon
Prefrered Secondary Weapon: Strike Rifle
Success Rate: 76%

> Fragmentation Grenade
The frag is a very common grenade used in most first-person shooters. The frag can become the most lethal explosive if used at the right moment on the right target. Frags are especially effective in clearing large groups of enemies in one place. For example, the Pentagon has a corridor which opens up a window to either end. This corridor is often filled with enemies since it's the central point on the map. Make use of the situation and toss a few grenades through the corridor. You'll be glad you done so.
> Flash Grenade
Blind the enemy, move to a side and grab yourself the kill. Most enemies tend to go trigger finger with the flash of the flash bang. All in hoping they'll kill you before you kill them. If you have a shotgun, Sub-machine gun or Hive Cannon at your disposal, you can take your target down without a sweat. Be careful though, most players tend to use the flash right in front of themselves, make sure you don't end up doing the same thing. The flash grenade is also a great tool to get away from heat or recover to a safer position for your health to regenerate.
> Radiation Grenade
The radiation grenade works perfectly in the Infirmary because most of the rooms lead out to a corridor which leads to another room. When heat picks up and you're low on health, run towards the exit and turn around, stick a few radiation grenades on the doors and floor. That should stop your follower in its tracks. May even go as far as killing him/her. The radiation grenade is also perfect for close combat. Stick one on the enemy and run if you can. Eventually, he/she will die from the radiation while you move forward to your next kill.
I hope you find these weapon hints and tips useful for The Conduit. I'll be writing up another blog post which will focus mainly on the online maps and several tips that can help you fool your enemies or give you a chance to run. Only to return with a heavy arsenal at your disposal. If you have any other hints or tips for the online multiplayer in The Conduit, make sure to let me know at