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Konami's Press Conference - Detailed Summary

posted 16 Jun 2010, 15:55 by Knuckles Sonic8
Here's what you need to know about what went down at Konami's press conference. The conference began with a video teasing the Konami code that was used to open a vault of footage from various Konami properties. Showcasing their goals towards "immersive entertainment", the following IP's were shown: PES 2011, AAA Lucha Libre, The Cages, Deca Sports 3, Adrenalin Misfits, Def Jam Rapstar, Dance Masters, DanceDanceRevolution, Gormith, Oops! Prank party, Beyblade Metal Fusion, Lost in Shadow, Silent Hill, Nintey-Nine Nights II, Metal Gear Solid, Saw II, and Castlevania

The president of the company took the stage, stating that they would like to continue to work towards "connecting [their] passionate players with the content they want". And their existing properties have accomplished this very focus. A picture shows up on the screen showing original IP's: Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Castlevania, DanceDanceRevolution, and even Frogger! To that end, Konami has performed a "strategic partnership" with quality developers such as Hudson, Def Jam interactive, and Slang to produce quality titles in this growing market.

Soon after this point, the CEO of 4MM Games entered to introduce Def Jam Rapstar, a new music game that Konami is, evidently, really excited about. The representative states that they've "broken every rule in the book to make this game" to create a truly "revolutionary product". In what ways is it revolutionary? Apparently, it's the ways in which the game is so "integrated into your life". Using social-networking sites such as Facebook, Def Jam Rapstar becomes a game that's "constantly-connected" to bring about possibilities aspiring musicians could only dream of. 

Russell Simmons, the founder of Def Jam, says that the game will fill a "giant white space" in the market in allowing players to express themselves in creating music videos, rating other people's performances, and possibly even starting their careers in the music business. He feels that what they're doing is encouraging good mental development of kids, I suppose since it should build up people's self-esteem. He also says that the game will serve an important role in black culture, something that Obama has recently added to. Overall, they feel strongly about working with Konami, simply because they made music games what they are today. They're really sure it's going to be a success - after all, a million mics have already been ordered for the distribution of this product!

Next up was a trailer for AAA Lucha Libre: Heroes Del Ring. the director of Slang, Federico Bayer, claims that this is the first of several IP's that are based on Hispanic culture. A lot of promotion is going into this, as well. In addition to live wrestling matches at the Konami booth, a televised round will determine which of the 4 selected wrestlers will appear on the cover of the game. Probably most interesting about this is the fact that this is also heading to the DSiWare service! It'll be interesting to hear more about how they hope to accomplish this.

Zombie Studios then introduced their rather-creepy trailer for Saw II: Flesh and Blood. Supposedly, fans of the survival-horror genre will just eat this up. The entire game is well-rooted in the original movie, so much so that there are some licensed tracks to be included as well. There will be "difficult-to-master mini-games" along with traps that get you to think differently about everyday pieces of machinery. The game will be available on 360 and PS3 in time for Halloween.

Ninety-Nine Nights II is slated to release this June on the Xbox 360. Tak Fujii, the producer, stressed repeatedly that there will be one-million troops in this "extreme" hack 'n slash game. The game requires you to be tactical, meaning that if you choose the same strategy over and over again, you likely won't succeed.

Konami also announced Otomedius Excellent for the 360, a game rooted in Japanese manga that will be hitting the US. The rep made a point to say that they'll be satisfying many fans who thought Konami wouldn't bring the game over to North America. To release during the Winter season, you can join up to 3 other players via Xbox Live or local multiplayer. The shooter takes roots from games like Gradius and will even include a "slamming soundtrack. Although there were only females shown in the trailer, it's supposedly going to be really challenging.

Next up, Konami introduced Adrenalin Misfits, a racing title for the Xbox Kinect that requires full body motion interaction. There are three distinct characteristics to the game: intuitive gameplay, rush of speed, and variety (slaloms, trick competitions and normal races to name a few). Replayability will be "off the charts" but whether or not this will go beyond the main gimmick's appeal remains to be seem. Anyone of any age can play the game, with no need to memorize button combinations. Certainly looks like a lot of fun for families.

Naoki, the creator of the DDR series, then announced Dance Masters, their next Kinect-exclusive title. Once again, absolutely no controllers are needed, so players will no longer feel tied down, and you'll be able to do as Naoki said: "move your fat body freely"! Jokes aside, the demonstration looked quite fun. You need to match green silhouette poses and actually perform the actions to the best of your ability. The demo made use of INTO YOUR HEART from DDR Hottest Party 2. Naoki helped viewers appreciate that you can master real dance moves from a variety of music genres (including African, R&B and Jazz). Not only can you play online, but you can even save your dance sequences and use them later in replacement of the pre-programmed backup dancers.

The brand manager of Konami's music games next entered to show off Glee Karaoke Revolution. For the 10th release of this franchise, they've partnered with Fox to bring players 35 songs from Season 1 for the Wii platform. After the basics were discussed, a news video was shown about a nationally-recognized "powerhouse choir" that served as the inspiration for Glee. After the video fades, the real-life choir appeared on-screen to sing 'Somebody to Love' with a demo of the game running in the background. And they were quite good too, with some impressive control of the high notes!

Mike Pepe, the Director of Marketing from Hudson was there to show off 4 new titles. First up was Beyblade: Metal Fusion, the video game based on the cartoon show (which has become the highest-rated cartoon since its release in Canada). Not too much detail on this one except for the fact that you can customize your own Beyblade for tense competitions, and there's even planned interconnectivity between the Wii and DS versions. Deca Sports 3 was the next Hudson-developed game. This third iteration was decided on after they experienced "enormous success" with their previous titles. They've included mainstream sports, as well as some more unique activities (such as Kayak Slalom and Log Cutting) that promises to be the deepest release yet in the series. Deca Sports Freedom was then shown for the Kinect. They've included some of the best games from past releases as well as some new ones like Paintball - this one's very interesting; your gun is your actual hand, with your thumb raised and your index finger held out. Last was Lost in Shadow (glad it wasn't Oops! Prank Party), which used a trailer that looked really good. No highlights beyond that.

Since its inception on the Playstation, one of the more important properties for the company has been the Silent Hill series. That's why the developers are bringing a new one to PS3 & 360 for the year 2011. The trailer showed a character in what looked like an abandoned ghost town with some strange going-on's. The music is being done by the composer of the score for the TV Show, Dexter, which is quite impressive. They promise that there will be plenty of surprises waiting.

Never Dead
, a third-person shooter, was showed-off next for the 360. It basically involves a character who's parts get dismembered but can still live. This segwayed into coverage of the two new Metal Gear Solid titles. After a promising trailer, there was a lengthy explanation on such things as weapons, gameplay mechanics, which went on a bit long in my opinion. Next up were showings of two Castlevania titles. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is a 2D classic that will be the first multiplayer title in the franchise, sporting co-op a survival battle mode, and 5 playable characters. Dot art was a major inspiration for the visuals in the game, leading to some really nice motions. If the game sells well, Konami plans to expand this release with more players and stages. The second title was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, an upcoming 3D project that Konami and the other teams are very proud of. Not too much information was provided other than a trailer so give that a look on the Internet if you're interested.

The press conference closed with the president of Konami America re-iterating that they have 5 new titles in the works for the 3DS. And with that, the event was finished. I was quite disappointed over the lack of DanceDanceRevolution for Wii at the conference, especially with the reaction Naoki got last year when he demonstrated the Balance Board mode for Hottest Party 3. But overall, I'd say it was pretty decent despite the technical difficulties they had along the way.