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KS8's E3 Predictions! (2010)

posted 14 Jun 2010, 13:50 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 20 Jul 2010, 20:16 ]
Nintendo's conference is coming in a few hours, which means it's time for me to post my list of predictions! Do you remember my list of predictions from E3 2009? Well, if you never viewed it, the list was giant. Quite a few of my predictions came true, and some didn't. Now I'm back again this year with some new leads and educated guesses. There's lots of talk going on right now with what Nintendo will do to satisfy their core audience, but here are my predictions for what may very well get focused on/announced over the course of E3. Naturally, this set mostly focuses on news concerning Ninty platforms.

- The current state of affairs on Cosmic Walker will be explained; the game may get a proper unveiling for the NA audience.
- A new Starfox or F-Zero for Wii will be announced.
- A new Mario Tennis game will be announced for DS/3DS.
- A new Paper Mario will be announced for Wii or 3DS.
- Nintendo could possibly announce a sequel to Mystery Case Files: Million Heir.
- Firmware update for DSi which may include SD Card support and/or gifting.
- First title that uses the Wii Vitality Sensor will be shown.
- One or more VC titles will be confirmed for upcoming release.
- Next Professor Layton title confirmed for NA; release date announced.
- VCA Support will be discussed; increased support may be promised.
- Chibi Robo NPC! and/or Chibi Robo DS confirmed for NA.
- Pikmin 2 NPC! confirmed for NA.
- More details on Line Attack Heroes.
- Band Brothers DX confirmed for NA.
- Wii Speak/Balance Board incorporation revealed for a previously-announced existing game/new title.
- New first-party WiiWare title announced.
- Despite evidence to suggest otherwise, a surprise announcement will occur, announcing a new Mario Party for either Wii or DS or both platforms.
- Nintendo will announce a fix for those who want to transfer games across systems.
- Wii Party shown off, new features showcased.
- The 'Wii no Ma' channel will be heading to NA; alternatively, a new Wii Channel will be unveiled.
- Nintendo will announce the return of WiiWare demos.
- A title from the JP DSiWare catalogue will be confirmed for NA.
- As I already predicted, a new Donkey game will be unveiled for Wii in the vein of something like DK64.
- Club Nintendo support discussed, new rewards may be announced.
- A Kirby game for 3DS/WiiWare may be announced.
- Kirby Wii will be shown.
- Pikmin 3 will make an appearance; a special feature will be unveiled.
- Another Code R will be confirmed for NA release.
- Hotel Dusk sequel coming to NA.
- Wii Chess may be coming to WiiWare in NA.
- Nintendo will unveil some plans to make improvements to their online support.
- Ambassador program will be coming to NA.
- New Starfy game announced for DS.
- New James Patterson game revealed for DS.
- Google/Nintendo search game confirmed for NA.

Third-Party Developers
- A new Super Monkey Ball title will be announced.
- Had a hard time believing Hudson was only showing off DECA Sports 3 & Oops! Prank Party; as suspected, a surprise title is in the works - could be Joysound localization, Mario Party, or something no one is expecting.
- Bomberman Battlefest WiiWare shown off.
- Konami announces the next DDR game for Wii.
- Elebits sequel revealed for Wii.
- Just Dance 2 announed by Ubisoft.
- Rayman platformer in-bound from Ubisoft.
- Raving Rabbids Travel in Time showcased.
- Kingdom Hearts game announced for Wii.
- New game in the 'FFCC' series is announced for Wii/WiiWare.
- SEGA coming out with a classic revival (e.g., ChuChu Rocket, Ecco) or bringing an existing game on other platforms to Wii.
- Sonic Chronicles 2 announced.
- Mario/Sonic collaboration coming once again - will not be an 'Olympic Games' affair.
- New info on Sonic Colors to surface.
- Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing sequel revealed.
- In line with Sonic Adventure coming to XBLA: Jet Grind Radio & Sonic Shuffle will be hitting the same platform.
- SEGA announces a Dreamcast compilation for Wii, or perhaps something special for VC/WW.
- New Sakura Wars coming to NA.
- New SSX title for Wii.
- MonkeyPaw Games confirms one or more WiiWare games that they plan to localize from JP.
- Mini Ninjas sequel announced.
- New title from Gameloft for DSiWare/WiiWare.
- Upcoming title from Gameloft will get shown off (e.g., Crystal Monsters).
- New title to use the peripheral for Tony Hawk RIDE.
- Evolution revival incoming for Wii.
- New Pac-Man game coming from Namco.