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Rayman Origins revealed!

posted 14 Jun 2010, 18:46 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 14 Jun 2010, 19:38 ]
Easily the most exciting reveal in the entirety of Ubisoft's press conference, Rayman Origins is a revival of the classic Ubisoft mascot! Although details are very scaree at this point, the video that was shown was really, really promising. With only 5 people handling this digital project, the game's visuals look beautiful with hand-drawn character models and various aspects that pay tribute to the classic Rayman title. Even Globox makes a return, which may suggest a co-op feature of some sort but, of course, there's no confirmation of that. Platforms haven't even been announced as of yet, but I really really hope it comes to WiiWare otherwise, they'll be disappointing many fans, myself included.