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Pre-Show Hype: DanceDanceRevolution II

posted 5 Jun 2011, 22:04 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 5 Jun 2011, 22:11 ]
Okay so let's face it, the idea of another DDR release is hardly something to get out of your seat for these days, nor is it surprising in the least bit. But believe it or not, these games are indeed still selling. Will the current approach be enough to sustain additional sales moving forward? I think it's really hard to say at this point. 

While DDR has always been a reliable form of incredibly satisfying and addicting gameplay, other games have since tried to capitalize on what made the game so successful to begin with. Had Konami not made it so that each Wii release felt like a different experience, I'm pretty sure things would have turned out a lot differently. But as it stands, there's definitely some considerable competition in the market right now which may threaten this title's future.

Speaking of prior releases, let's talk about last year's game for a moment. There were definitely some flaws to be had with the oddly-titled DanceDanceRevolution, including the weak license list. But for the most part it was a really good title. As a matter of fact, many felt it was the best of the four Wii efforts Konami has released thus far. Can we expect DanceDanceRevolution II to be more of the same? Last month, Naoki Maeda, the producer of the DDR titles, made a comment on Facebook stating that the team is aiming for a "stronger connection with the arcade versions" and that the gameplay that would be on display would be enjoyed "solely through DDR".

If they are, in fact, looking to have a greater tie-in with the arcade releases, they're going to need to start by finally giving us Doubles Mode. I've given up asking for it, so if it doesn't show up in this year's game, I'm not going to have a fit. Instead, I'll be looking for some more innovation with this release as has been the custom with the other Wii releases. So if that ends up being absent, I won't be happy about that. Leading up to E3 2010, there was a rumor circulating that the next DDR would be more in the vein of a "Greatest Hits" collection. And when you take into consideration Naoki's quote, there's a possibility this could actually come to fruition. But I'm not holding my breath just in case. 

Hopefully when Konami does announce DanceDanceRevolution II officially and the features list comes through, I'll be smiling instead of frowning.