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Pre-Show Hype: Deca Sports Extreme

posted 5 Jun 2011, 18:57 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 5 Jun 2011, 19:01 ]
Ever since Hudson Entertainment disbanded, it's a bit hard for me to reflect on Deca Sports Extreme. Critics have long frowned upon the previous releases in the series with the most negative response being given towards Deca Sports Freedom on the Xbox Kinect. But who knows! Maybe this will actually turn out to be good. Or maybe I'm just being a little too positive. Either way, I can tell you I'm more interested in Deca Sports Extreme than DualPenSports -- this title's direct rival. 

Namco Bandai's sport compilation features 7 "unique sports mini-games" and appears to lack its own personality, while Hudson's collection has 10 sports and more appealing visuals. So the odds already seem to be in favour of Deca Sports Extreme

On that note, if you were to compare the visuals here to those seen in the original Deca Sports, you'll notice that they look much better (read: less simplistic). Every screen I've seen of the game has some sort of special effect going on, which is a good sign. I'm curious to find out if they'll take to the online servers for multiplayer support once again, but not much has been said about that. The official release date also hasn't been confirmed yet, so I'm pretty sure Konami will announce that this week. All in all, though, Deca Sports Extreme isn't looking too shabby so far. Hopefully this will be the title that pulls the series out of the gutter.