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Pre-Show Hype: Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights

posted 5 Jun 2011, 19:47 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 5 Jun 2011, 19:53 ]
Say what you will about Professor... I mean, Doctor Lautrec's similarities to Monsieur Layton, but I'm still very very intrigued by this title. The whole bit about no mystery being unsolvable sounds way too familiar to be coincidental, but at least the storyline shows a bit of originality. In a quest set in the city of Paris, the archaelogist and his female assistant are looking to uncover the hidden treasures of Louis XIV. Screens seems to suggest that it's quite the adventure, too. Or at least, enough for giant knights to surface before your eyes. 

For some reason, I'm continually reminded of the Dreamcast era when I look at the game's trailer. Specifically, it's the animated clips and the style of the overworld hub that are giving off that vibe. Apparently much of the game involves the undertaking of quests, which has me wondering whether that'll make for a linear approach or if you actually have the ability to take on multiple quests at once. I'm sorry to say, though, that the nature of the quests don't look all that exciting so far. Finding differences in an archaelogical journey? Couldn't they have come up with something more fitting? The puzzle aspect seems less interesting here than it does in James Noir's Hollywood Crimes, but that's just my opinion. I think it's the adventure and combat aspects of the game that really pique my interest. That and the fact that new updates will be sent out (presumably) through SpotPass, giving you new treasures to search for. That sounds promising as well.

I'm sure Konami will make mention of this game in their press conference this week (if not, then the subsequent E3 press release) so keep an eye out for that. Really, this could really go one of two ways. Either Lautrec will be able to hold his own, or it won't be seen as anything more than a Layton copycat. I don't know about you, but I'm willing to give this game the benefit of the doubt when it releases and figure it out for myself.