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Just Dance 3 - Official Q&A

posted 6 Jun 2011, 18:59 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 6 Jun 2011, 19:06 ]
See below for an official Q&A feature Ubisoft has published for the announcement of Just Dance 3.

Q. How big is the Just Dance
phenomenon? Why do you think Just Dance is performing so well?
A. Just dance has reached more than 30 million people worldwide and in the overall video game dance market, holds over 80% market share.  It is truly a brand that is owned by its fans, everyday, the community is growing through more fans on Facebook, more videos uploaded on YouTube or even parties organized around the game!

That’s because we’ve tapped into the need for people to have fun and share their video game experience together with friends.  The game is exuberant and people just love playing together at home or with friends.

Q. What are the new features?
A. The multimillion selling game now comes to Kinect and PlayStation Move so everyone can join the party! I can’t say much yet about all the features we are going to have but this year Just Dance will raise the stakes by adding 4 players choreographies on Wii, giving a chance to every Just Dancer to get their moment of fame through unique moves. We also improved our level design by bringing Dynamic Environments where players will experience background transformation through the songs for more interactive gameplay.

On Kinect, the Shout Out! Feature will let you and the crowd belt out your favorite verse for more points and total party fun.

Q. What are the differences between the platforms? Will the difficulty be similar?
A. The team was thrilled to take advantage of the uniqueness of each platform and maintaining one common tracklist and most of the features. Kinect allows us to take full advantage of the camera and all the online features offered by the Xbox Live. On PlayStation 3, we wanted players to be able to experience a new way of playing by adding a sing along feature to the game.

There will be a slight difference in terms of difficulty thanks to the full body capture tracking provided by the Kinect camera.

Just Dance 3 has a wide range of difficulty level depending on the song and its choreography. The main difference comes from the fact that the Kinect camera now allows us to track the full body so we are going to take that into account in our scoring. This is not about creating a hardcore version of Just Dance on the X360 but allowing players to have a more accurate scoring and being able to challenge each other.

Q. What is the tracklist? Will it be the same for all platforms?
A. The tracklist will be shared between platforms but you might find some exclusive tracks here and there. I can't reveal anything on the track list yet, but expect variety, massive hits and surprises. For E3 we can already announce:
  • Taio Cruz – “Dynamite”
  • LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock – “Party Rock Anthem”
  • Black Eyed Peas – “Pump It”
  • 2 Unlimited – “No Limit”
  • Duck Sauce – “Barbra Streisand”
  • Gwen Stefani – “What You Waiting For”
  • Kiss – “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”
  • Laura Bell Bundy – “Giddy On Up (Giddy On Out)”
  • MIKA – “Lollipop”
  • Groove Century – “Boogie Wonderland”More to come around Gamescom!
Q. There is a huge number and variety of songs included in the Just Dance games. How were these selected?
A. There are lot of ingredients and criteria to build a strong playlist and also lot of complications to get it done. Our objective is that at the end our players feel as they always knew these songs somewhere or somehow.
When the tracklist was created, the creative director really wanted to give players a wide variety of music: choose hits from every music genres; add a big share of fun; make sure rhythm is dynamic; find the right balance between energy and melody, between songs with “must have” iconic moves and songs that just make you want to jump all around; pick hits from today’s top of the charts but never forget to add some good old classics… All these ingredients mixed together gave something for everyone...

Music was created to dance to!

Q. How do you freshen up a 30 years old song to make it feel actual and modern?
A. Choreography and visuals are the key in making any song feel modern.  What makes Just Dance unique in this regard is that every single map is an artistic creation.  The art direction, Music Choice, and Choreography work together to bring a fresh new look and feel for all of our songs. Each map is design to sublimate the artist’s universe, the era of the song, the lyrics or any iconic element related to the track. Just Dance is a tribute to Pop culture in its broadest sense.

Q. Where was the game developed and how many people worked on the title? Is it the same team that worked on JD2 and JD3?
A. The core Just Dance team from Ubisoft Paris is at the heart of Just Dance 3, and they federated over 100 persons with creative teams from Ubisoft’s Montréal and Bucharest studios for the new Kinect and Move versions of the game.

Q. How did the idea for the Just Dance games come about?
A. We originally developed a dancing/rhythm game for the Raving Rabbids series using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. It was great for mini games and for specific songs, but we always felt we could go further by concentrating on a format that just let’s people dance.  We created a small prototyping team to start testing different ways of getting people to shake it all about...  Most “dancing games” don’t actually get you to dance--with mats or controllers you are essentially pushing buttons in time with the screen,  our concept was to get people to let loose and really pull off new dance moves.

Q. How are the choreographies in the game developed? Who creates these for the game?
A. We are working with a number of talented choreographs who creates each unique choreography for the game. Those dancing routine are based on the song, its lyrics and universe with accessibility and fun in mind.

Q. What can you tell us about the DLC?
A. Ubisoft is very committed to supporting its titles way after their release date. Like with Just Dance 2, we plan to release new songs and choreographies on a regular basis so players can always get more fun and the latest billboard hits.

Q. Do you plan on releasing a Just Dance title focusing on a specific type of music? Or on a specific artist?
A. Just Dance has always been about the variety of the playlist and its appeal to a wide audience, so we don't have any plan like this.

Q. When you talk about dynamic environment, are these scripted events or does it depend on the player performance (individual or group)?
A. Dynamic environment are a very cool addition to the way we envisioned the different maps. We are raising the visual quality and the depth of the environments we create around the song by having changes occurring to the level along the music. Those changes are not only scripted, some of them occur also depending on the players’ performance. The more they grove the more the level reacts to their moves.

Q. What is the release date? Is it the same for all platforms?
A. The game is slated for a worldwide launch on October for all platforms.