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Wii U: Latest Details and News

posted 8 Jun 2011, 05:21 by Billy White   [ updated 8 Jun 2011, 06:54 ]
The announcement of the Wii U was easily the biggest news we've had so far at E3 this year, and although we reported on all the specs and details of the system yesterday, more big news surrounding the console is still trickling through.

1: Pricing
Satoru Iwata has stated that the Wii U will probably cost upwards of 20,000 yen (equivalent to $250 / £150 / €170), which would be expected from a new console such as this. How much more hasn't been stated yet, but considering the new controller and specs of the device, speculation is futile. Reggie Fils-Aime has said that one of his major aims is to make sure it's good value, and competetive against the PS3 and Xbox 360.

2: Game Footage Fakery
Due to the amount of time until the Wii U is released in stores (some time next year), footage of third party games designed specifically for the console has not yet been seen. "What about during Nintendo's E3 conference", you say? Reggie has admitted that said footage was actually of Xbox and PS3 games, but that the power of the new console will still make such graphics possible, and their purpose yesterday was primarily as a visual representation for how Wii U games will look upon launch.

3: Controller Purchasing
If you're new here, you might not already know that the controller and console are both completely new - the touch screen device isn't designed for existing Wii consoles. The new system is, however, backwards compatible with existing controllers, which is just as well, since Nintendo have announced that the new controller will not be available separately from the console, and that they only come as a package - presumably partially to avoid confusion for those who would otherwise purchase the controller for use with their current Wii's. Despite this news, Miyamoto has said that Nintendo are currently researching into how games could work if a friend brought their Wii U controller to play on a friend's console, and briefly mentioned the possibility of controlling games via a users 3DS, but that seems to be an unlikely premise.

4: New Game Announcements
Game analyst Michael Pachter has revealed that whilst speaking to the main man behind the Guitar Hero franchise, he was told that a new game in the series - which was expected deceased after last year's Warriors of Rock - will make it's way to the Wii U, but they're not announcing anything official just yet.
    Meanwhile, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creative brains behind Nintendo, has said that the new Pikmin game briefly mentioned at E3 a few of years ago will be a Wii U title.

5: Online Functionality
Very little was said about the Wii U's online functionality at E3 yesterday, but Reggie has claimed that the online system will be very competitive compared to other console offerings, and that their new system will be "a flexible one, literally taking the best of what each of our third party partners has to offer, marrying that with the best of what Nintendo does, and bringing that versus a more rigid, a more closed type of environment.”
    Wii U will have online functionality built in, and more is said to be detailed over the next few days. We'll bring you any further updates on the matter.

6: Touch Screen Tech
Reports are suggesting that the technology behind the Wii U's touch screen will be resistive, as opposed to modern capacitative screen technology prevalent in most mobile phones and tablets. This means that the same tech as the DS will be used, and multi-touch functionality won't yet be a possibility. The decision has likely been made to reduce prices, but it is still somewhat disappointing news nonetheless.