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E3 Predictions - Part 2: For A Certainty

posted 3 Jun 2012, 20:53 by Knuckles Sonic8   [ updated 21 Sep 2012, 13:43 ]
Part 2 of our E3 Predictions continues with Maxwell at the reins, clocking in some speedy, sure-fire statements that you just might have a hard time disagreeing with. In fact, he is so confident in the following predictions, he says he might as well have received word from his future self. Okay, so he didn't actually say that. The point is, despite how "unpredictable" E3 can be, there are a few things we can be fairly confident about as far as Nintendo is concerned.

The Wii U will still be called the Wii U and everyone will just have to get used to it.

A lot of people were disappointed with the lame pun of a name Nintendo announced for their upcoming home console at last year's E3, and these disgruntled fans have been hoping for the past 365 days that a name change might be in the works. But it's been 365 days and Nintendo has kept calling it the Wii U. Sure, E3 is a prime time for revealing megatons like a name change, but if Nintendo's really waiting 'till later this week to announce the "Super Wii Entertainment System" or whatever, it'll be too late for the average consumer.

As if the name Wii U isn't already confusing enough to the average consumer -- seemingly indicating just a minor upgrade to the Wii -- throwing another name into the mix makes exactly zero sense. This isn't even accounting for the fact that Nintendo just set up a Wii U Facebook page and that the image of a Wii U controller that was leaked a little while back still featured that pun-tastic logo in the corner. Wii U is here to stay, gamers of the world, and I'm afraid you'll just have to get used to it.

Hey, remember that cool 3DS game Nintendo hasn't mentioned since last E3? They're finally going to show a full-length new trailer for it
and give it a concrete release date.

Nintendo really didn't want you to see Paper Mario 3DS, Animal Crossing 3DS, or Luigi's Mansion 2. They were fine with telling you about them at the "the ultimate expo in the video game industry" in order to position them as system sellers for the 3DS, but when it came down to it, they just weren't ready for you to buy them.

Make no mistake: more likely than not, these are going to be phenomenal games, and indeed will be system sellers for many. It's just that Nintendo revealed them too early and were trying to avoid another Super Smash Bros. Brawl situation in which the games would get delayed multiple times. The problem is that it was still awkward to show a game in 2011 (and 2010 in the cases of Animal Crossing and Paper Mario) and not be able to give it a release date that was any more concrete than a vague "2012". Expect that to change this year; the 3DS needs games, and Nintendo is finally ready to show you them.

The Wii U will win you over (try saying that five times fast).

You say you want a revolution? The company that pioneered motion control and glasses-free 3D has one. The Wii U announcement at E3 last year confused audiences with its focus on the new controller and lack of clarification on whether the Wii U was actually a new console. The tech demos and PS3/360 footage also disappointed and underwhelmed some because most of it didn't really show what the system could do.

Whether it was the fact that New Super Mario Bros. Mii (a tech demo turned full game) featured Wii-quality graphics and didn't use the new controller's touch screen in any substantial fashion, or that we were shown footage from Batman: Arkham City that we'd seen before, not much from last year's presentation indicated the need for a new home console that resembled the Wii U. Nintendo has even publicly stated that they messed up. But don't expect them to fail twice at convincing you to buy their latest gadget; expect them to drop some megatons and blow you away with what the system can do.

Nintendo will make a vague announcement regarding the next Super Smash Bros., show nothing from the game whatsoever, and it'll still get the conference's biggest applause.

Hey, it happened last year.
And hey, it's Super Smash Bros.