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Coaster Creator 3D - Exclusive QR Codes

28th February 2013; By KnucklesSonic8

Today marks the official release of Coaster Creator 3D on the Nintendo eShop, and Big John Games has provided us with some exclusive content ahead of the game's launch to share with our readers. One of the most touted features that will also be the most talked-about is the track editor, a core component whereby saved creations can be shared with other users via QR Codes. To get into the spirit of things and help jog imagination for your own ideas, Big John Games has designed a series of coasters that have made their rounds to a few sites. We're pleased to present two of these to you this morning that will remain exclusive to our site for two weeks time.

To activate them for use in-game, head to the Sandbox mode, select the bullet marked Special under the Load Coaster menu, and you'll find the Scan QR Code option. Nothing is set in stone, so you can feel free to spruce them up if you feel they can be even more wild with your own special touch.

Enjoy toying with these when Coaster Creator 3D launches, and stay tuned for our full review!

Exclusive by KnucklesSonic8