How We Rate Games

Why we rate games out of thirty and what the ratings mean
You may have read some of our posted reviews and noticed our unique rating system that's unlike any other gaming website. This page is here to explain what it all means and how you can read them.

How we rate games  

    When reviewing games we give them a score out of thirty. This score is designed to reflect the quality of a game in four different categories. The categories are as follows:

    Gameplay /10
We look at how the game plays, what features and modes are in it, how good the controls are and how fair the difficulty is in this section.

    Presentation /10
Here, we look at the graphics, layout, sound, music, and overall look of the game.

    Enjoyment /5
A game might have great gameplay but it still might not be enjoyable, which is why we've included this category.

    Other /5
Here we look at the "lastability" of a game and rate out of five and the extra features included.

    Whenever we give a score at the end of a review, we show what score we gave each category alongside it (see image, above left), so that you can see how much you agree with us and how we got to the final score.

What the ratings mean

    Obviously, better scores mean better games, but exactly how good is a game with a certain rating? Although this is hard to specify since all games have their own good and weak spots, we've given it a go below.
Note: some scores may be included more than once - this is because it is hard to say so accurately about how good a game may be and so a game of a certain score may be fit for a different category than another game with the same score
    30/30 Perfect
Quite simply, this is as close to perfect as you can get in a game, with barely any (if any at all) flaws whatsoever.
    27-29 Excellent | Example: World of GooSuper Mario GalaxyLostWinds
Games of this score are simply brilliant and definitely worth a purchase, with few bad points about the game as a whole.
Put simply, games with a "very good" rating are, well, very good, and there should be little reason for you not to like what's on offer.

Good games have quite a few flaws, but are still playable despite some disappointing features.

    18-20 Okay / Average | Example: Mario Kart 64Cranium KabookiiPac ManMy Aquarium
These games are only really good for fans of the series or genre, and therefore may disappoint others.

    15-18 Below Average
Games with this rating aren't really worth buying, and are a real letdown in terms of overall quality.

    10-14 Very Poor | Example: Bang!
Games rated "very poor" should be avoided. Buying games with this rating isn't dissimilar to throwing your money at a bonfire.

    0-9 Awfully, Horrifically, Bad
These games shouldn't even exist because they are so awfully awful. They can't be enjoyed at all and are simply a waste of time and money.

How we rate accessories

    When browsing the website, you may also notice we have reviewed the odd game accessory where we think necessary. Ratings for these are different to games and so this section is here to explain what it all means.

    Control / Functionality /10
Basically, this section explains whether or not the accessory works well and if it is easy to control.

    Build / look /10
Here, we take a look at the build of the accessory and whether or not it is likely to fall apart in your hand. This score also includes how the accessory looks.

    Lifespan /5
Accessories may work well, but if they aren't going to be used for more than one or two games, what's the point? We give a rating out of five depending on how much we think the accessory will be used through different games.

    Value /5
One of the main things that puts people off buying new accessories is the price. £70 was too much for a balance board for some people, and so here we give a score out of five depending on the pricing and whether or not you are getting your money's worth.

    These ratings are displayed in the same way as games, and follow the same rating evaluation shown in section two (above).

How we rate applications / channels

    Some "games" aren't even games at all. We started this section when Cooking Guide on the DS was brought to mind. It combines some of the most important parts of both the accessories and games review scores, and fits the job for this slightly out-of-place genre.

    Functionality /10
This basically touches upon whether or not the software works as it should.

    Presentation /10
This category is just the same as the game one, and looks at graphics, sound and layouts throughout the software.

    Lasting Appeal /5
If you're not going to use the software for long, why should we give it a high score? This looks at how much we think it will be used.

    Value /5
Looking at everything that was and wasn't included in the package, and whether anything else could have enhanced the software.

    These ratings are displayed in the same way as games, and follow the same rating evaluation shown in section two (above).


    There you have it, that's all you need to know. If you wish to send us your own review or game score (whether we have already reviewed it or not) then please use this system for scoring and don't forget to send us all the subcategory scores as well.

    REMEMBER to read the reviews that go alongside certain scores so that you can make a judgement for yourself about whether you'd like that game for yourself or not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.