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Eurogamer Expo - Photo Diary (Part One)

posted 28 Oct 2009, 11:38 by Billy White
On Tuesday and Wednesday the 27th and 28th of October, I attended the Eurogamer Expo in Leeds (England), where I came face to face with many upcoming and recent games across all platforms. During my time, I got the chance to take many a photograph of my experience, all of which can be found in this "diary" of sorts.


Despite being fairly straight, I couldn't get a good picture of the whole queue to get into the show because of it's great length, but these pics should give a good impression

The first thing I saw when I got onto the show floor. Lots of people, and an Xbox stand

The New Super Mario Bros Wii stand. Four consoles, each with up to four players for up to ten minutes at a time. Made for excellent fun and a busy crowd

The first game I actually played (or at least... attempted to play) was Red Steel 2, which broke from the moment I picked up the controller, causing several staff members to spend the first few minutes or so fixing it

Big crowd for this one, so I didn't get a go, but this was a racing game for the Xbox with three screens to simulate the windscreen and the windows either side of the driver, and was a great, innovative way to play a racer... even if it did need three HDTV's and a big steering wheel contraption you had to sit on. I wouldn't expect this in your house any time soon, unless you're rich and/or like wasting thousands of pounds on nothing


The legendary black Wii in use for playing Metroid Prime Trilogy, Looked very nice, but just the same as the white one in a different colour

As if the Wii wasn't enough, they also had black Wii MotionPlus units on display. The Jacket looks a lot nicer in real life than on pictures, and the back of the fingerprint-attracting controller had a smooth matte finish


The collect-a-thon known as Rabbids Go Home was great fun and often very funny, with the option to scream at people with a flick of the remote, and make them lose their clothing out of fright, including, as I discovered, Santa Claus


Classic Controller Pro's were being used to play Monster Hunter 3 Tri, and they were very nice pieces of kit. They felt a little light, the grips could've been positioned at a slightly nicer angle and the buttons on the back felt too spaced out, but it was still a much better controller than the original


Images of the game itself in action. These two units were linked up via LAN so that players on either screen were in the same game as each other, as you may be able to tell if you squint closely at the big picture above

Me, with ex-editor of NGamer "Mark Green" aka "Greener". He's a really nice guy, and we talked about his life after the mag, his fat-ness and the apparantly-not-as-annoying-as-he-first-seems staff writer Matthew from the magazine. He also explained that he knows nothing about gaming at the moment, and asked "how's Super Mario Galaxy 2?". It was nice seeing him, but I hate the way that I look about twelve in this picture *shudder*

Another happy chappy from the Expo. I won't say who he is just yet, but we'll be posting details on why I have a picture of him later on in the week

Johnny Minkley, the guy that presented the developer sessions, does stuff for Eurogamer TV, and does a regular gaming slot on BBC Radio 1


The only cosplayer at the event, dressed in full Mario attire. He seemed to be enjoying himself on the plumber's Wii outing and gained quite a bit of attention

Don't forget to check out part two, featuring more games, a look at some of the more obscure indie titles, the "EA hub" featuring snazzy camera-tech and some lovely representatives of Nvidia!
The concluding part of the feature will be online very soon

That's not all our coverage, look out for thoughts and opinions on each and every one of the Wii games on show during the upcoming week, including hands-on impressions of New Super Mario Bros Wii, Need for Speed Nitro, Red Steel 2, Rabbids Go Home and Monster Hunter 3, as well as exclusive titbits of information we managed to extract from some of the people there.